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embarrassing situation
(03-25-2019, 09:43 AM)Ali Wrote: Hourly checks, where he’s forced to stand and hold the front of his skirt or dress up for Mistress to rifle through his frilly undies checking for any signs of dampness would also be in order...

When I’m wearing my school uniform, my wife likes to carry out periodic knicker inspections to review the effects of her verbal teasing (she does not touch me when I am wearing school uniform). I have to lower my tights to my ankles and lift my skirt so that she has a clear view of my school uniform knickers to see whether I am erect and whether there is a wet patch. If I’m erect (which I usually am), I have to stand holding my skirt up until my erection subsides. She will also check whether I have leaked into my knickers and if so how big the wet patch is. If there’s no wet patch, or she decides it isn’t big enough yet, that usually means I will have to keep my school uniform on for at least a few more hours of teasing before I will be allowed to change. On many occasions I have had to keep my school uniform on until I have leaked right through my knickers, tights and skirt. 

(03-25-2019, 09:43 AM)Ali Wrote: ... whoever else may be present.

Nobody other than my wife has ever seen me in my school uniform - yet. But it is a very strong fantasy of mine, and a frequent topic of my wife’s teasing of me, that she might invite one or more of her friends round while I’m wearing it, to add another level of humiliation.

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