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Urinary catheter for induced incontinence
(03-12-2018, 12:36 PM)StudBuster Wrote: A few years ago I dated a rather wild, but beautiful lady,we got along pretty well and the sex was new and exciting and different. She kept insisting on making me younger and back to my beautiful teenage self. Strict diet followed, legs arm chest and crotch shaving was mandated
As she kept up her game, because it was so erotic, I went along with anything. 
Then one night after some kinky whipped cream style sex, she said as she licked Clean my hairless boy looking crotch,. "time to feel like a little boy again, for a few weeks anyway. She took out several
Long Yellow rubber catheters. 
I immediately objected and asked why the catheter?? She said she wants me to temporarily re-experience wearing diapers and uncontrollable urinary incontinence, like her baby boy,. As she tried different size catheters at my urinary meatus, she went with a 22fr Foley catheter.  She squirted some lube into my pee hole and slid it in my semi hard penis rather easily.after setting the balloon, she told me as she rubbed this lidocaine numbing gel all over my penis, and produced an adult diaper,  " after wearing this catheter for 3 weeks, you'll need a diaper for about a month or two until you regain your bladder control.
Until then , your money's little leaking Boy.
She powdered my but and taped the diaper in place and pulled out the retaining plug from the catheter and I could feel the warm liquid get absorbed by the diaper , totally humiliating , but 
Very arousing.
Every 3 days  she cleaned and changed the catheter, rinsed my bladder and urethral canal.
Going to work was a pain, but the diapers were thin and no one noticed.
When I'd get home from work, she'd be ready with a new diaper, bladder flush and loads of numbing gel for my excited penis. Jenny used a high powered vibrator to " milk me " and nothing like a normal orgasm. 
I had to service her orally in everyway possible.
At home she treated me like her little toddler brother.
After 4 weeks of a tube in my penis and no control over my urine, out came the wretched catheter. It never hurt, just was a constant reminder of who was in charge . Her.
She cleaned my bladder and penis and got me a new diaper. To celebrate, we went to dinner. But I forgotten I had no bladder control, and after 2 glasses of water, before I could get up to go to the bathroom, I had that immediate uncomfortable urge to pee and I could not stop it and my diaper was filling up
That. Excited her so much, I tried not to get too upset. That night we had wild sex all night, with one huge difference, from the constant use of the lidocaine gel on my penis, it took me like 7 minutes longer than normal to orgasm, which Jenny loved.
It was totally humiliating and humbling experience, but over 3-4 weeks, I regained my urinary control,
And once I did I broke up with Jenny.

**** My question is, do any other dom Mom's or mistresses use a catheter in conjunction with a diaper for real urinary tract issues with their sub baby boys?
Mine does . Foley catheters Fr10 . and the one shot disposable ones . The bladder washes are the worst though . My mummy is quite inventive with them . I have had everything from saline to urine and breast milk .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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