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Chastity belts: do you love them or hate them?
I've been through the usual variety of chastity devices, finding, of course, that most don't work and finally, a few years ago, discovered that only full belts were comfortable, inescapable and totally effective - hence my avatar.

I find the biggest turn-on is not actually being locked up but is being threatened with being locked in my 'stainless steel panties from Hell'. Being teased while totally helpless to remove them gets Mister Desperate unbelievably frustrated but I hate the inconvenience of everyday wear. I have managed 47 days continuous imprisonment in the 'industrial knickers from the Isambard Kingdom Brunel lingerie range' and I even ski in them but I still hate them . . . . yet I love sleeping in them and waking up desperately frustrated, with my poor panty python straining so hard to break free and, of course, failing.

Yes - it's a true love/hate relationship I have with my 'iron-age undies'.

How do you feel about your chastity belt - or about keeping a male helpless in one?
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.

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Chastity belts: do you love them or hate them? - by Paulette the Tart - 01-22-2018, 08:55 AM

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