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Women's Studies
Beyond "writing lines" is having to write essays on subjects pertaining to the sissy's training, essays that encourage empathy with Women and also to bring a sissy's consciousness to feeling, thinking and acting like a Woman, however futile these attempts may be at actual attainment, nevertheless, putting a sissy in the right frame of mind to be Dominated or at very least, embrace the concept of Female Supremacy and grovel at the feet of any Woman who subjugates the sissy.
Absolutely- as in many walks of life, theory is just as important as practical input and even in the Reticence of one to engage in the latter, the knowledge gained in the former will often be expressed subconsciously.
Miss Conception's new sissy learns the consequences for failing to curtsy after finishing reciting an essay on female superiority.

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Well, isn’t the poor sissy lucky to be only humiliated in front of two people.
It could certainly have been worse on that front. Having been subject to punishment in the past (though not corporal) I rarely spent long dwelling on the positives and I suspect in this instance his sore rear end might just be at the forefront of his mind. 

Besides, someone had to be there to draw the scene so maybe there’re people we can’t see.  Wink

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