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Ice cube punishment
(10-11-2020, 06:11 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: It sounds like you’ve had some great experiences. Was Carol swapping clothes for her benefit or your’s? It is interesting that your nephew seems to be following in your footsteps, and most gratifying to learn that today’s education authority is more open to accommodating his choices.

Both actually she's married with kids/grandkids but is the female clone of her husband Vinnie. Currently restoring a LandRover safari! When I came out to her she wasn't surprised at all. I mean completely unfazed.
That nephew could well be doing just that, there are actually a few of them at that school at the moment. Another from my other sister started to head the same way but is a gay effeminate partner to the guy he's just brought a flat with. Dad's comment wasn't too positive which is why he's the only one who hasn't been told about me.
The only connection I've had with the first one I mentioned is my Mum, I've not seen him since he was two. Their must be a genetic predisposition too. His brother is also slightly dyslexic just as I am. I think that someday soon a scientist will pick away at a minor inconsistency and discover that everything we thought we knew is wrong. It's happened before why not again?

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