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Nappy humiliation
There were so many things that were unbearably humiliating about being put back into nappies as an older child and a teenager.

But one of the worst was that as my mother would secure my nappy on me she'd say something like "With your nice thick nappy on, Ali, no-one can tell if you're a baby boy or a baby girl, can they?"

And she'd use that as an excuse to make me wear frillies instead of just regular plastic pants.

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At least she felt she needed to justify herself, I suppose. It was generally the same for my sister and I though in that nappy punishment was generally accompanied by really prissy and full skirted dresses just to emphasis our infantile predicament.
I’m not sure she was justifying herself. So much of my punishments were about humiliation that I think this was just another strand to it. It wasn’t enough for her to take away my age, and the privileges that go with it, like wearing normal underpants, being allowed to use a toilet etc, but she felt she had to take every chance to emphasise that she’d taken away my gender too.

Telling me that when I had a nappy on no-one could tell if I was a boy or a girl made me think that apart from my little boy bits, I looked like a girl. After all, wearing a nappy didn’t affect what my face or body looked like.

Later on, of course, when I started to enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, I was delighted that I looked quite girly, but as a young boy, especially going through puberty, it was terribly humiliating.
Definitely, as a teenage boy I was very much more concerned by what my friends at the time thought and this represented my biggest fears for both my petticoating and nappy punishments. It was really in having the choice in how to present forcibly removed from me at age 18 that I came to love my feminine self, a love that has only grown in the time since. 

The one thing that can be said about female clothing is that it generally made the nappies easier to hide albeit the fear was only really transferred from stimulus to another (from nappies to skirts) on such occasions.
It's certainly true that having a nappy on under a skirt or dress not only hides and unsightly bulges, but also provides a bit of a more feminine shape to a boy's bottom. That extra bit of padding gives a more curved appearance, which is kind of hidden by a skirt, but also helps your skirt sit better.

The problem comes when you have a double nappy on, or if your skirt is short and there's a risk of your babyish underwear being exposed!
Think of the extra double diaper padding as being hourglass shaping - no corset required.
With a short hemmed skirt dress the hem line has reached its limit of conventional coverage.

Humm - just think of what one more layer would do - no turning (around) back and front side now amply exposed !
This is why nappies work so well for me when I am on long haul flights. Not only do they relieve me of the need to face the hygiene bereft cabin lavatory but they also provide the feminine rear that forms part of the overall feminine image that I devote so much time to emulating.
Some rather amusing replies here.

At least none of you seem to be labouring under the delusion that your nappies are inconspicuous when worn under clothing that I sometimes hear from petticoating males. Believe me - they are noticeable!
I’d be interested to know what those petticoated males were wearing under which they thought their nappies were inconspicuous. More often than not when I was under nappy punishment as a child it came with a really girly dress. There was at least the argument there that the flounce of the dress would hide the bulk of the nappy but it wasn’t really a winner of any cost/benefit analysis as you just ended up being embarrassed by the dress instead. The one time this definitely didn’t happen was on a fortnight holiday when I was in nappies 24/7 and they were most definitely visible then.

Even for the more practical reasons that I voluntarily wear them for today, they are still visible - but in presenting as a female they tend to compliment the image I want to portray when worn under a skirt.
I don't believe wearing a nappy is visibly obvious in my case as I am in just the plastic outer and no towelling or thicker inside liner, aside from rubber panties. My concern is being heard as I move as I imagine people around me hear the rustle and creaking of the rubber and plastic sliding over one another. That is enough to give me the cold sweats as I am sure everyone knows my little secret.
Always in strict uniform

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