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Traditional vs Modern
Sorry, I read that much that I sometimes lose track (and now that I think of it, I wasn’t especially active during April, which I suspect my posting history will bear out). 

I have read it now though and it certainly seems as though she has gone the extra mile with the ‘punishment pinnies’. It would be a challenge to find something humiliating to add that isn’t already described in that letter.  Wink
I actually cringe when she shows me the apron and almost plead with her not to be made to wear it. Everything is on display; there is no hiding place and because of the tensioning every movement is restricted and very uncomfortable. The addition of bib and bonnet makes the situation humiliation almost unbearable.

I have to admit, she really got it bang on with his creation. *shudder*
Always in strict uniform
Hey, it’s only fair your wife gets some enjoyment out of it too, right?  Big Grin
Since when has fair ever been mentioned? She is completely in control.
Always in strict uniform
Oh, but she did point out that they were your ‘needs and requirements’ in the letter.  Big Grin
That's the kind of unfair logic she uses too.
Always in strict uniform

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