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Gender controversy...
Gender controversy:
(08-05-2020, 08:59 PM)nina Wrote: Gender controversy:
Thanks for highlighting this, Nina; it makes for very interesting listening.

The issue of children exhibiting transgender desires is one that is quite pertinent and one that has been explored to a certain extent on an active thread on the ‘Petticoating & Feminisation’ board. 

I am keen on the introduction of ‘Gender Studies’ into the education system whereby children of each gender are introduced to clothing and activities traditionally associated with the opposite gender (broadly on the pretext that it will help the individuals of each gender understand each other more and might break down the gender barriers that exist somewhat) but am uneasy about the idea of introducing surgical practices at an age when the child cannot be considered competent to understand the ramifications of such decisions, which seems to be the source of the problem that the Doctor highlights at the beginning of the video.

In some respects, the idea of ‘Gender Studies’ could help to lessen this risk as in being able to access such experiences and the normalisation of such practices (for instance in seeing boys wearing skirts and dresses) would likely reduce the desire of many of them to change gender, particularly where the primary motivator for such desires stems from the stigma that is presently attached with wearing such clothing and partaking in such activities in one’s given gender.

I have only seen the first part so far but I am sure there is plenty more on which to comment so will try to revisit it.

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