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My old girlfriend educated me
(08-05-2020, 02:12 PM)Llanes Wrote: Hi everyone- I’m new here and I really admire this forum! 

Just a little background- I grew up with a strict and domineering mother who didn’t like me doing overly aggressive activities like contact sports or even playing violent video games. This led to me joining clubs in high school instead of playing sports.

As a result, when I got to college, I tried rebelling by acting more like a ‘frat brother’ staying out late and trying to ‘pick up girls’ but I never was successful nor did I really fit in.

Towards the end of my time in college though I met a woman who I connected with. She was majoring in gender studies and believed males caused many of society’s problems. I enjoyed our discussions and this topic and soon we started dating. During this time she educated me about my less desirable male characteristics and taught me about femininity and started to feminize me. She also taught me about the many negative ways men treat women. Through this understanding she taught me about fashion, and how terrible masculine clothes were she started having me incorporate female clothing into my daily wear. I was at first resistant to some of her suggestions, but she was persuasive and said my behavior changed for the better. And she was right- I definitely did not feel like acting unruly or aggressive when I was at a frat party when I was wearing a sports bra and panties!

Sadly we are no longer together, but I am happy I found this community! I would love to share experiences!
Hi Llanes

Welcome to the Forum.  I hope you find happiness here.

Nice intro btw.



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