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Taking Control from a Sissy
Kendra and Mikey waited impatiently in the line to the checkout stand. The store was busier than usual and although they had picked up their items quickly, the line at the register itself was currently moving at a snail’s pace. Kendra was half debating as to whether she should put the items back and just leave, but they really needed what was in her basket; baby powder, two tubes of Desitin, a larger baby bottle, two quarts of milk, and lastly, a tube of Ben Gay, as requested by Kendra’s mother. She liked to rub the warming cream on Mikey’s bottom after spanking him, knowing the heat would burn and sting his cheeks inside his diapers for some time after.
    Kendra was texting one of her boyfriends when, out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw a large, dark stain forming and growing rapidly in the front of Mikey’s pants. Belatedly, he also realized what was happening, and he let out a cry of panic, helplessly dancing in place but it was too late—the damage was already done. A big wet patch now covered his entire front and extended down both legs in a humiliating display of his lack of control.
As the young woman checking their items looked up from her scanning, she took in the man who had just childishly wet his pants, and the baby items being purchased, and she giggled at the couple in understanding.
“Looks like someone needs his pampers,” she smirked.
Mikey’s face flushed a deep red and he gasped in shame.
Kendra suppressed her own giggle as she looked him up and down with a smile.
“Honey, I knew we shouldn’t have taken any chances—now look at you.”
By now, other shoppers around them were staring at Mikey and he whimpered with embarrassment. Unable to hide his shameful condition, everything became a haze for him as Kendra patiently paid for the items while the young woman bagged them up. Not waiting for his wife, Mikey rushed out of the store but not before several other shoppers saw his wet pants and snickered at his retreating form.
Finally, Kendra got to the car and unlocked it, watching as Mikey jerked the door open and piled inside.
On the way home, he squirmed and fidgeted anxiously, painfully reliving the mortifying experience over and over in his mind.
“It’s not my fault you know,” he whined bitterly, “It’s your mom’s.”
“My mom’s??” Kendra asked, even as she chuckled at the absurdity of his claim.
“Yes, she’s the one that got that new chastity device for me, the one with the urethra thingy in it. I makes it so I can’t hold my peeing anymore.”
Kendra giggled.
“The urethra insert? I’m sorry, sissy, but that has nothing to do with it. You need your diapers just like a baby does, that’s all,” she said dismissively.
Mikey’s cheeks flushed with shame but he refused to acknowledge the truth of her words.
“It’s her fault,” he mumbled again sulkily, as he sat next to her in the passenger seat pouting. Despite his attempts to place the blame somewhere else than himself, privately, he was now regretting his decision to leave the house without his usual pull-ups.
When they got home, Kendra led him straight to the nursery, where she began undressing him, putting away his shirt and shoes while putting his wet pants in the diaper pail.
Taking his pee-soaked Disney Princess panties, she tossed them in the trash.
“I don’t think you’ll be wearing these anymore,” she told him with a knowing smile.
“But don’t you worry, baby, we’re going to get you right back into your diapers where you belong,” she assured him as she sat him down on the changing table. Three fluffy soft diapers with thick soaker pads down the center were waiting for him and taking one of the new tubes of Desitin, she began lovingly coating his bottom with a white, sticky layer.
“But I don’t want to wear diapers,” he complained bitterly.
“Now honey, we both know that mommy’s little bedwetter very much needs his diapers and plastic panties, doesn’t he babykins?” she asked in her sugary, yet condescending, motherly tone of voice.
Mikey blushed with humiliation but shook his head petulantly.
 “These will keep you all safe and protected,” she said with a big smile as she took the baby powder and began sprinkling it all across his tiny, caged penis. She shook more between his thighs and finally up his belly and chest. Smiling down on him with a look of maternal love, she pulled the thick layers of soft cotton up, pulling them snug around his hips and pinning them closed with two, clown-headed safety pins.
“This is just what you need,” she said as she gently patted the bulging, pillowy front of his diapers, “You have no more control than a toddler and these will keep your wetting right where it belongs.”
Seeing that he looked as if he were going to launch into another stubborn defense of his pants wetting incident, Kendra preempted him by stuffing one of his oversized latex pacifiers into his mouth.
Mikey looked away in embarrassment, feeling very childish. He was still reeling from the sting of humiliation that his spectacle at the store had caused and he was deeply concerned at the prospect that he might be becoming truly diaper-dependent. For the last couple of months, he’d been living in denial, determined not to face the facts about his chronic wetting.
His enforced chastity had been hard enough to deal with; the only time Kendra allowed him to cum anymore was once every two months when she bent him over a couple pillows and took him with her gigantic strap-on dildo. It was both humiliating and emasculating, often conducted in front of his jeering mother-in-law, while Kendra forced him to take all eight inches of the fat rubber phallus. He’d squeal and moan like a little girl until he finally splashed his little, insubstantial load into his diapers.
But now, on top of the unremitting, daily frustration of being denied an orgasm, he was finding whatever control he had over his wetting to be gradually slipping away.
“There, now you’re starting to look like my little baby again,” Kendra said with satisfaction as she chose a pink pair of nursery print plastic panties and positioned them at his feet. Reluctantly but dutifully, he put his feet through the leg holes and Kendra pulled them up his smooth, hairless legs.
“Personally, I love your new chastity device,” she said conversationally as she tugged the crinkly panties up and fit them around his big, bulging diaper, “This one is tamper proof and now, no matter how horny you get, they’ll be no erections or orgasms for you.
“Sissy bedwetters need diapers, not orgasms,” she told him with a playful beep on his nose.
Mikey chewed his pacifier in frustrated angst as he gazed up at Kendra’s big, pendulous breasts, jiggling before him in her thin top.
Removing his socks, she replaced them with a white pair of delicate, lacy anklets and then buckled his glossy pink Mary Janes on his feet.
Turning around momentarily, she pulled something out of a FedEx package.
“Look what I got for you, sweetie!” she said excitedly as she held forth a white and pink sailor suit top. It had a tied bow of pink satin across the chest and pink accents on the short, puffy sleeves. In truth, it looked just about as prissy as could be and Mikey shook his head in protest. The pacifier muffled his words but it was clear he didn’t want to wear the effeminate, sissyish top. Nevertheless, Kendra ignored him as she pulled it over his head and fitted it around his torso. The hem was especially short and it left his lower belly exposed.
Mikey shook his fists in impotent frustration; his clothing was getting decidedly more sissy-babyish all the time but he was powerless to stop his domineering wife from gradually transforming him into a simpering, diapered pantywaist.
The diapers and plastic panties had originally been used to deal with his nightly bedwetting but Kendra had subsequently decided he should start wearing them during the daytime too, just to shame him further. She wanted him to experience the embarrassment of wearing wet diapers during the day like a baby to punish and humiliate him for his nightly bedwetting. Refusing to let him use the bathroom for anything other than #2, she set strict changing times in the morning, afternoon, and before bed. This meant that more often than not, Mikey was stuck wearing a soggy wet diaper for most of his day.
Although at first, he had stubbornly fought against the urge to wet himself like a child and hold it in, as time went on, he found himself just letting go, realizing there was really nothing he could do about it. Unfortunately, this had the unexpected effect of gradually teaching his bladder to relax more and more, and as time went on, he began finding that he was no longer getting any prior notice when he had to pee. As a result, he often found himself wetting his diapers without even realizing he was doing it.
Today, he had willfully insisted in leaving the house without his usual pull-ups with the predictable outcome in which he wet his pants before he could stop it. His ludicrous excuse to blame it on his new chastity device notwithstanding, the simple fact was that Mikey had lost all control over his peeing and was now, for all practical purposes, hopelessly incontinent.
Indeed, this was shortly about to manifest itself as the two of them suddenly heard his mother-in-law’s car pull into the driveway.
“Oh, that must be mom,” Kendra remarked casually.
Seized with panic, the floodgates opened once more and Mikey promptly let loose with a hot stream of urgent pee, soaking his fat, sissy diapers.
He had a well-deserved fear and respect for Kendra’s mother, who tended to be overbearing, strict, and disdainful of him. From the very beginning, she had thought of Mikey as just a big pansy and she enjoyed nothing more than bossing him around like an errant child. She proved to be both a strict task master and disciplinarian with him and the poor sissy had lost track of how many times she had taken him over her lap to administer a painful and humiliating spanking, using Kendra’s wooden paddle to good effect. All too soon, the tears would be streaming down his face as he bawled like a baby, kicking his feet helplessly while she swatted his bare bottom with fierce, angry determination. The mere memory of it caused Mikey to wince in fear and another stream of pee added further to the now saturated front of his diapers.
The two of them went out to the living room, just as his mother-in-law was letting herself in.
“Hello dear,” she greeted Kendra, ignoring Mikey as the two of them hugged.
“Thank you for coming over on such short notice, mom, I really appreciate it,” Kendra said gratefully, “Oh my god—so I met a hot new guy at work and we have a date tonight,” she gushed excitedly.
As she eagerly described the man, they talked as if Mikey wasn’t even there. He simmered with jealousy even as he stood in embarrassed silence before the two of them. Being openly cuckolded by his beautiful wife was bad enough but he cringed when she discussed it freely with her mom or friends. It made him look completely spineless (which he was) and he blushed at his own pathetic submissiveness. His situation certainly wasn’t made any better by the fact that he was dressed before them like a total sissy in his girly sailor suit, wet diapers, and pink Mary Janes.
“I’m happy to babysit for you while you’re out on your date,” Helen replied, “how have you been otherwise, sweetie?”
“Oh fine, although he was a real handful today,” she replied, pointing her thumb at Mikey, “He managed to wet his pants at the store.”
“You what?” she demanded as she turned to face the cowering sissy for the first time.
He looked away in shame but she grabbed his arm, yanking him closer as she landed a hard swat to his fat, diapered bottom.
“Ow!” he squeaked.
“That’s just a taste of what’s coming for you, mister,” she said as she sternly wagged her finger at him.
Mikey wilted before her steely glare and he wet himself again in fear.
Kendra smirked with amusement and she turned to leave the two of them.
“So hey--I’ve got to go get ready mom, I’m meeting Ted in an hour.”
“Oh, I’ve got everything here in hand,” she assured her daughter.
After Kendra had left then, she turned to face her pansy son-in-law.
“You’ve got an appointment with the paddle, sissy boy,” Helen told Mikey firmly, “But first—go to the kitchen and make me some fresh coffee.”
“Y-yes Ma’am,” he replied in a shaky voice with his usual servility.
Twenty minutes later, Kendra came out to find her diapered husband brushing his mother-in-law’s long blonde hair. Mikey looked up to his ravishing wife, dressed in a snug, sexy fitted top that revealing her jaw-dropping cleavage and a short skirt to show off her fabulous legs.
“See that, sissy? That’s what a real man gets,” Helen goaded him, “While you’re in your crib wetting your diapers tonight, your wife will be in another man’s arms being made love to.”
Mikey stared hungrily at Kendra’s big, soft breasts, his mouth watering as his tiny little penis flexed impotently inside the restrictive steel of his chastity device. He could feel the urethra tube intimately as his little shaft throbbed around it, unable to grow any further than the ¾” steel tube he was locked into. He winced as he reflected that not only would he almost certainly be getting an early bedtime without any chance of an orgasm, he knew he’d also be taking a trip over Helen’s lap shortly, for another of her blistering spankings. Although his warm, wet diapers clung to his bottom, his cheeks twitched in anxious anticipation.
Kendra paused briefly to give him a peck on the cheek before saying her goodbyes and grabbing her keys and purse.
“See you tomorrow, guys,” she said airily.
As her car drove away, Helen regarded Mikey sternly.
“Go and fetch the paddle sissy, you’re taking a trip over my knee.”
“Please Nana,” he begged her piteously, “Please, please don’t spank me.”
“You wet your pants at the store like a little toddler,” she scolded him in her strict, cutting voice, “You need your bottom spanked and that’s just what I’m going to do.”
Mikey whimpered and waddled down the hallway as Helen went and opened all the living room windows so the neighbors would be able to clearly hear his punishment taking place.
All too soon, he trudged back to find his mother-in-law sitting at an armless chair, her skirt pulled back to reveal her firm thighs.
“Maybe this will teach you a little more control,” she chided him as she reached over and began peeling his pink plastic panties down his thighs.
Mikey fidgeted nervously, shifting his feet and biting his lip as he stood fearfully before her, terrified of the terrible punishment he was about to receive.
“Are you wet again?” she demanded as she took in the soggy wet cotton of his diapers.
“Y-yes Ma’am,” he replied meekly.
“Honestly,” she shook her head in disgust, “You have the maturity of a two year-old.”
Taking the whimpering sissy over her lap, she unpinned the pungent, saturated cloth and pulled it back to expose his quivering, damp bottom.
“The paddle always stings worse on a wet bottom, doesn’t it, sissy?” she said malevolently.
“Yes, M-Ma’am,” he bleated anxiously. Unfortunately, wet bottom spankings were an all-too common occurrence in this household, now that Mikey was wetting himself on a regular basis. He was painfully aware of the effect his pee had as it tended to tenderize his skin, making it more sensitive prior to being paddled. The hard, unforgiving oak impacted his cheeks in the most vicious way when it had been wet for a while previously.
“Think of the embarrassment you caused Kendra today,” she scolded him as she began rubbing the paddle on his bare bottom, “What do you think the other shoppers thought?
“I’ll tell you, shall I? They saw a big sissy bedwetter who needs diapers like a little toddler. I’m just sorry they aren’t here to see you get your bottom soundly paddled. But at least your neighbors will get to hear you being punished again.”
Mikey’s eyes moistened with tears. His neighbors were fully aware of how he was disciplined and they didn’t have an ounce of sympathy for him.
The paddle swooped up and then landed with a harsh crack across both the sissy’s cheeks. He wailed in anguish and his pink Mary Janes scissored as he struggled against her iron grip. Again and again, the hard wooden instrument smacked his soft, tender rump, forming angry, bright red patches. Mikey’s lips trembled and he quickly burst into tears, his crying filling the room.
Helen didn’t let up for an instant and she smacked his bottom harshly, giving the sissy the well-deserved punishment he had earned. Mikey slapped the floor, bawling like a baby as Helen peppered his cherry buns over and over with the paddle. The stout oak seared his skin with a cruel bite, and he wailed helplessly over her lap. Mikey kicked miserably but his plastic baby panties were tangled around his ankles, inhibiting his movement.
Finally, Helen finished with a flurry of scalding swats as Mikey howled at the top of his lungs.
Setting down the paddle, she picked up a half empty tube of Ben Gay from her purse, rubbing a thick coating across Mikey’s swollen, stinging cheeks.
Helping him up, he sobbed uncontrollably as he wiped his arm across his wet face. As Helen rose to her feet, she led him down the hallway to his nursery for a fresh change of diapers.
Gathering a thick stack of the fluffy cotton cloth, she arranged them on his changing table before pushing him down upon them. Mikey sobbed anew and a fresh set of tears spilled down his wet face.
“You are nothing but a big sissy,” she castigated him, “You need diapers like a baby and I’m throwing out all your underwear so you won’t be tempted to try this foolish behavior again.”
Mikey sobbed in defeat, realizing his last, tenuous attachment to adulthood was finally being taken away from him. His stronger, superior wife had first taken away his control over his orgasms. Now she had succeeded in taking away his control over his continence as well, making him as helpless as a baby.
As his strict mother-in-law pulled up his plastic panties, he realized with crushing resignation, just how big a pantywaist he’d become.
Thank you for another wonderful story!
Thanks very much Bobby for your new story. I always look forward to them and enjoy reading them very much. I loved Brian's plea that he didn't want to wear nappies, while he already knew that there was no option ... he would soon be wearing thick nappies and plastic pants just like a little toddler ... and his bottom would be red and sore after another spanking.
Thanks again, Jiff
Thanks for another one of your wonderful tales of sissybaby patheticness.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Nicely done...and Brian has indeed become a complete pantywaist...chaste, cuckolded, incontinent and humiliatingly diapered by his Superior wife and MIL, he has been truly shown his place and kept there with frequent generous and severe applications of the hardwood paddle! Considering his situation, he’s most fortunate to find himself in the care of two strict Women who are more than capable of keeping him in line! I always enjoy your stories and love that you frequently bring the paddle into them...I have my own love/hate relationship with the paddle and have bent for it more times that I can count! Well written...thank you!
Loved the story ,esp having windows up for his spanking
It is an interesting story and one that I can relate to. I know that in this case, the poor boy’s lack of control stemmed from a catheter but having had periods of time wearing nappies for extended periods, this can produce many of the same effects. 

On a couple of occasions I had to continue wearing nappies following a nappy punishment period as my ability to hold my urging had regressed to toddler level and ended up having genuine accidents after getting proper underwear back.
What a lovely story!

I do feel sorry for the poor sissy. When I had been put into nappies for an extended period I got so used to wetting that I found it hard to control myself once I was allowed knickers again. Many was the time that I'd wet my knickers and tights, and be promptly put back into nappies.
I love reading Bobbie'stories especially the ones relating to a cuckold sissy husband.

Perhaps Kendra's mother will buy the sissy a pair of pink frilly satin baby girl panties to wear over the plastic pants then he will look like a baby girl.

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