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Book Review, "The Catholic School"
This book explores the link between the search for male identity and peer approval, and the need to possess, which often manifests itself in violence.

I haven't read it, but it does seem like an indictment of toxic masculinity, and perhaps might make some good points.
Thanks for the tip.

It's always interesting to see the New York Times' perspective, especially in a book review.
Interesting that the point made about masculinity and how it presents is not about just the fact that someone is born with male genitalia (which seems like those most vocal against 'toxic masculinity' admonish) but that it is about living to some 'standard'. To wit: "a male amounts to being other than the way one actually is — it means being the way one ought to be. A male isn’t someone who is male, but someone who has to be male. A male, then, is a non-being or rather a being-for, a potential being, a volition, an edge concept, a guiding principle."

This is toxic masculinity in a nutshell.
I loved the plaid skirts and dresses the girls had to wear. I even told a priest it wasn't fair that only girls got to wear them. So he got me a couple of the skirts and a dress like theirs. He would let me wear them under my gowns at church as a choirboy. He said another boy did the same thing. Although he never molested me he did help me get dressed inn them properly.

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