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Big Baby
I think, we should promote this more. Its fine, there are a few videos on youtube with reportage about adult babies living that way all the way fulltime. Nice to see, there was magazines which inform about abdl article in the past. Its super, we have this nice forum and a lot of good and active members here.  Its wonderfull, we have rainbow prides around the world. I search a lot, but its hard to find photos with adult babies walking on the pride. I think we shoul struggle more, to make this well known and accepted by wide society.
Yes, I agree ABDL is one of many diversities, though I’m sure supported, however unfortunately is not represented at ‘prides’.
As with many such things, it is for those that subscribe to make themselves known. ABDL’s that want to see representation at pride should consider leading the way.
There are a few represented . I know of them being at the Manchester pride . There is not much in the way of facilities though for changing stations lol .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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