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Do you enjoy it, Wailer? I must admit I love it. It makes me feel so sissyish.
I'm being trained more and more, I'm still a bit messy and end up dribbling, so Daddy puts a bib on me. He leaves me with a messy face and rubs my dummy nipple in it so that I always have his taste in my mouth.
After a while you become quite good at it, wailer. And don't forget, some Daddies quite like a messy sissy. A bit of dribble on your face and down the front of your dress makes you seem even more babyish.
I'm not sissied Ali, but yes, I often end up with a dribbly sticky face, especially if my dummy is covered in Orajel, which numbs my mouth and makes me a very dribbly baby.

I have learned to love when Daddy (or one of his friends) make me kneel in front of them. The smell and feeling of their grownup briefs as I'm made to nuzzle and lick and feel their big Daddy cocks grow and throb makes me feel so submissive and needy. Sometimes I'm made to beg for Daddy's "dummy" as well. I'm not allowed to just suck though, Daddy makes me lick and take all of his big balls in my mouth and also sometimes he will force my face and nose down lower so that I am licking between his cheeks.

Daddy can last a long time so I'll end up with a sore mouth and sticky face, left to suck on my dummy, feeling my locked little baby peepee straining against its cage but only damp nappies surrounding it.
Plus it's a reminder of why they are with mommy and I am in a diaper.
I'm a daddy with a strictly treated lad.  He's not really treated as a sissy but more as a bit of a mummie's boy and kept in nappies and plastic pants all the time.
Just bumping this topic because I wrote in it so long ago. If anything, I'm even more a complete Daddy's boi today. I haven't had big boy squirties for so long I think I've forgotten how it feels, but getting my "bottom dummy" or Daddy's big thick dummy in my bottom does make my cage leak and dribble into my nappies.

I've just been cleaned and had my hair removed with Veet for the first time and everywhere between my cheeks and around my peepee. Daddy didn't let me make squirties but I got oh so close. He made sure to hold my peepee by the tip when he was shaving me and it was throbbing but was only its silly 2-3" length. Daddy was teasing that if he didn't hold it up, it would disappear under the shaving cream.

The weekend is coming up and I've been told that Uncle Trevor will be visiting, so I'm not expecting to be sitting very well or at all. That might be why Daddy is removing all my hair there and also rubbing baby oil in after my baths or showers. I know Daddy likes it because um, he rubs the baby oil in over his lap sitting on the edge of the bath, sometimes having given me a hand or bathbrush spanking to "dry me off". As he rubs the oil in he also um, makes sure it gets in to my bottom with one, then two, then three fingers.

I can always tell when he adds a finger... and I know why he's making my bottom hole spread, especially when he puts a thick rolled up towel on the bath edge and bends me over it. I'm getting used to being a squirming squealing boy for Daddy as his big cock goes deep inside of me, I can feel the head tickling my prostate and making me squirm and moan.

His cock gets to grow and throb, mine just gets tight in its cage, reminding me that I don't get to make big boy squirties, that's for Daddies and Uncles and Sirs only.

If anything, all my little peepee gets to do is dribble out my little boi milk. Meanwhile Daddy gets to growl and throb and thrust inside me, telling me what a naughty little boy I am and how my bottom hole belongs to Daddy and my pathetic peepee will stay locked.

By this stage, the last 2 days, Daddy will just explode inside me, then lies on top of me bent over the bath. Eventually, he will pull out of me, which makes me feel almost empty, but then he brings my nappies to the bathroom and puts me straight into them so that Daddy's cream makes my nappies all sticky.

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