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    Thread: First Time Cuckold
Post: RE: First Time Cuckold

I totally agree.This the lifestyle we have chosen and must fully accept the consequences. Being a sissy and serving is an honor.
rockynook Female-Led Relationships 2 1,054 11-26-2021, 12:26 PM
    Thread: Househusbands
Post: RE: Househusbands

[attachment=4394] We have a Femdom marriage.I have been a house husband formany years.My wife enjoys emasculating me and she decides what I wear. She prefers that I wear lingerie,stockings, heels,make...
rockynook Petticoating and Feminization 170 389,989 10-18-2021, 11:27 AM
    Thread: Happy Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Day July 1, 2021
Post: RE: Happy Gynarchy: Female Enlightenment Day July ...

(07-01-2021, 01:26 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Since the dawn of time women have been kept down by men because they fear our superiority. More than 200 years ago a movement of Female Enlightenment was...
rockynook Gender Role Reversal 7 2,572 10-11-2021, 11:54 AM
    Thread: Halloween Outfit
Post: RE: Halloween Outfit

My older sister began Feminizing me at age 5 and I loved it. On Halloween she would dress me as a girl for everyone to see. I was proud to be her sissy and absolutlely loved it.
rockynook Gender Role Reversal 13 3,225 10-11-2021, 11:50 AM
    Thread: Sissy Day In The Life
Post: RE: Sissy Day In The Life

I have been in a Femdom marriage for 35+ years and feminized 24/7. My day starts at 6AM with a bath, shave, make-up, wig and lingerie. I LOVE LINGERIE. Men's clothing is soooooooooo damn boring. I st...
rockynook Female-Led Relationships 4 2,256 09-26-2021, 12:19 PM
    Thread: Sissy penetration
Post: RE: Sissy penetration

My older sister Anne was deep into Femdom. She first feminized me at age 5. I loved it and it seemed natural. When I reached puberty,she dressed me in lingerie,stockings and heels. OMG,how I loved it!...
rockynook Male Chastity 42 33,755 09-15-2021, 11:48 AM
    Thread: Is our sissy behaviour genetically, or socially constructed? Or both!
Post: RE: Is our sissy behaviour genetically, or sociall...

This is the life we chosed. Therefore, I believe the situation is both genetic and nature/nurture. I was raised by my older sister. Anne was 13yo than I and deep into Femdom. She feminized me from age...
rockynook News & Musings 6 1,452 09-02-2021, 11:40 AM
    Thread: WERE You raised as a sissy boy?
Post: RE: WERE You raised as a sissy boy?

I had a unique childhood and was raised as a sissyboy. A very long story short, my Mom died when I was 5 and I was raised by my sister Anne. Anne was 13 yo than I and  she was deep into Femdom and Fem...
rockynook Gender Role Reversal 18 11,289 07-28-2021, 12:17 PM
    Thread: Caring For Your Delicate Things
Post: RE: Caring For Your Delicate Things

(12-22-2016, 08:36 PM)Maid Jennifer Wrote: (12-22-2016, 07:47 PM)Sissy Renee Wrote: This is a nightly task for me, and I greet each day with the reminder of who I am with my delicates hung to dry ...
rockynook Gender Role Reversal 11 22,782 05-16-2019, 12:17 PM
    Thread: Males should get what they don't want
Post: RE: Males should get what they don't want

(03-16-2019, 02:12 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Excellent Courteney, sounds like you have the perfect well trained sissy and smart women like yourself no even well trained sissy need the appropriate le...
rockynook Female-Led Relationships 38 55,202 05-12-2019, 07:47 PM
    Thread: Males in a Society of Dominant Females
Post: RE: Males in a Society of Dominant Females

(07-30-2018, 01:48 PM)Sissy Leslie Wrote: Hi everyone, If a situation existed where women ruled and men were subservient, then I have the following questions: (1) Would men be allowed to retain th...
rockynook Female-Led Relationships 14 17,784 05-01-2019, 05:35 PM
    Thread: My hubby Transformed
Post: RE: My hubby Transformed

Curtsy Mistress Tiffany,   I am Sissy Maid/Slave,and love it. I am feminized 24/7.I wear lingerie,stockings,heels,make-up,and wigs.I also wear a maids out fit.  I cook, clean,scrub the bathrooms,do la...
rockynook Female-Led Relationships 14 22,254 04-23-2019, 12:48 PM
    Thread: Chastity
Post: RE: Chastity

I have never been in chastity. We have femdom marriage and  my wife enjoys seeing my little clitty erect when I am feminized.  She demands the Honor System,which I beleive is far more difficult than c...
rockynook Male Chastity 12 22,362 02-02-2019, 12:55 PM
    Thread: Words you dread...
Post: RE: Words you dread...

"you have been naughty, take off your panties " It meant i was getting a naked ass over the knee spanking
rockynook News & Musings 179 319,638 04-23-2018, 01:30 PM
    Thread: More than sexual?
Post: RE: More than sexual?

(04-13-2018, 08:07 AM)Paulette the Tart Wrote: Sex is power - power is sexy. That's all there is to it! Absolutley  agree. I was  feminized  and   controllled  by my older sister and loved it. I am...
rockynook Female-Led Relationships 5 10,073 04-17-2018, 03:10 PM
    Thread: How to Achieve Gender Role Reversal
Post: RE: How to Achieve Gender Role Reversal

(07-17-2016, 06:18 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: It’s my personal life mission to see a female led society be created where gender roles are 100% reversed. In order for this to happen we need to inspire...
rockynook Gender Role Reversal 95 175,995 04-04-2018, 08:54 PM

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