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    Thread: Gucci dresses for men
Post: RE: Gucci dresses for men

Wearing tights may be a small step but it is an important one.
Legwear Gender Role Reversal 12 7,654 01-20-2021, 07:27 PM
    Thread: The Men's Fashion
Post: RE: The Men's Fashion

If the above messages foresee the future accurately, we will be able to fully participate as our bodies and brains dictate.
Legwear Gender Role Reversal 15 9,764 01-20-2021, 07:22 PM
    Thread: The lesbimale question ?
Post: RE: The lesbimale question ?

I privately identify as a lesbian male. I have known that since I was a teenager long ago. My mother knew intuitively. I enjoy "dressing" but my wife does not.
Legwear Gender Role Reversal 8 4,323 01-19-2021, 03:23 AM
    Thread: New Social Order
Post: RE: New Social Order

Females are the most capable leaders in any relationship. Respectfully, Legwear
Legwear Female-Led Relationships 14 7,864 01-19-2021, 03:05 AM
    Thread: Little Feminine Things I Do
Post: RE: Little Feminine Things I Do

Hello Teddy. I just read your post. We share ages and three identical experiences.
Legwear New Member Introductions 11 7,175 10-12-2020, 02:14 AM
    Thread: Acting your "age"
Post: RE: Acting your "age"

I think one needs to be comfortable with his/her age. I am middle aged and in fairly good shape. I could dress as a 50'ish gal. I have a natural B bust through exercise. With a corset on I have a natu...
Legwear Petticoating and Feminization 9 11,652 09-21-2019, 08:52 PM
    Thread: Old Leotard and Unitard
Post: RE: Old Leotard and Unitard

(09-18-2019, 03:37 PM)Bhuna71 Wrote: I love being made to wear a leotard with dance tights or gymnastics leggings underneath. I love the feeling of being completely and tightly covered in nylon and ...
Legwear Petticoating and Feminization 10 7,801 09-21-2019, 01:24 AM
    Thread: New Leotard
Post: RE: New Leotard

I have always enjoyed wearing a leotard and tights since I was a teenager. I have progressed to girdles and pantyhose. There is nothing better than a tight garment and a narrower waist.
Legwear Petticoating and Feminization 10 13,676 09-21-2019, 01:21 AM
    Thread: Bra
Post: RE: Bra

I wear a 40 B Bra and find it very comfortable. It provides a natural line!
Legwear News & Musings 18 40,880 07-01-2019, 02:35 AM

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