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Househusbands - Lssy - 09-03-2017

[Image: a6a71128396d92957e10cdde8ef5f512.jpg]The happy househusband. Devoted to his hardworking, breadwinner wife. 
[Image: 0ca84e1f103ecfc2ad4e67eb3adef022.jpg][Image: e1948f3838ed669dcc5aa2295d07f43a.jpg][Image: 30d2cbb78152426d26f0dfc5657ae52c.jpg][Image: b2e0bc3fbcf5e30b4174c4f662098466.jpg][Image: 5e008471aeacd8b870989602d66c54ab.jpg]

RE: Househusbands - nina - 09-03-2017

Wow, those are very smart looking gurls.  Looks like the beginnings of another great thread, well done Lssy.  

RE: Househusbands - nancy - 09-03-2017

Yes, these house husband's are very well dressed. I think it is wonderful how great they look, and how they can take care of the house while there wives work and be in charge. Absolutely amazing this is, and yes this deserves to be another great thread.

RE: Househusbands - Ali - 09-03-2017

I love that second picture, with the blue gingham skirt and pretty petticoats.

RE: Househusbands - Lssy - 09-04-2017

[Image: 5cabf5cf50fb76e57bc0a296c6cd8b11.jpg][Image: 379c26213802fccb863b5ef4c98e32eb.jpg][Image: ef97c0c033d6349592c95d60594b1ef7.jpg][Image: 2ef33c5daac0adfcfe5bd3f3701db993.jpg][Image: e8d5b423266c1228333fa8325fba7241.jpg]

RE: Househusbands - nancy - 09-04-2017

WOW Lssy, I don't know where you the pics from, but it really is great stuff. I really believe this is the future of male.

RE: Househusbands - dlittle6 - 09-05-2017

I love being the househusband! But I have to admit that I usually don't dress as well as these folks do. My work outfit many times consists of a big baggy t-shirt with panties when it is warm and sweat pants when it gets colder.

RE: Househusbands - sissyjamieanne - 09-06-2017

Such wonderful photos of feminized males in the domestic sphere! All performing chores, in the look of a 1950's/1960's "housewife" very appropriate for the newly created male/sissy! I suspect that some of the Women/Superiors who grace us with Their presence and wisdom would agree this is an ideal future for the male!

Most respectfully,

sissy jamieanne

RE: Househusbands - GinaV - 09-06-2017

Fantastic Fotos! Luv it!

RE: Househusbands - subjami - 09-08-2017

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