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Spanish TV Clip - Conway - 08-31-2017

This is worth viewing. I don't know who the actress (in green) is, but she has that ultra-confident, fit, accessorized, glamorous, assertive look and style that I adore. Perfect makeup, perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect head-to-toe.

She could lead me around a shopping mall all day, just as long as I could walk about 10 feet behind her, so as to admire how gracefully she walks in heels.

Looks like she, the mother, and new daughter are all wearing pantyhose too. Nothing makes me want to strut around in heels more than the caress of nylon. Hopefully the two ladies had tea with their new "girlfriend" after her debut.

RE: Spanish TV Clip - Ali - 09-02-2017

Lovely. I wonder how he came to be dressed as a girl. He looks a little contrite - I wonder if he's had a spanking, and if he's been put into panties.