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My letter to my mother and sister ! - DepartedByChoice - 08-23-2017

Dear Mom,

I have to say something to you, sister you already knows it. Mother i wanted to say it today about something you never know or may be you have glimpse of it.
 You remember when i was a child your bras and panties were misplaced sometimes , your petticoats were missing some days, it was me mother who was stealing and wearing them. I guess you knew all this but you never said anything to me, you have caught me also once during dress up when i was a child , may be you want me to explore this thing from since then mother i have been fully grown up with this thing exploring it , i want to tell you i have a feminine side , and i am very much fond of it, i love to feel hot and sexy and feel like a girl, i am a girl inside and i want to be a girl outside too. I am a girl , mother , you have 3  daughters now. I have been struggling with this for my whole life, i crave for girly stuff , my thinking habits are all girlish,  please accept me mother as your girl and help me grow into full womanhood.i want to tell you i got beautiful friends who accepted me as a girl, we will go shopping together for buying my panties and bras, it will so much fun. mom , chris is so sweet and she is helping me in all ways to be comfortable with my own self. 

Your loving girl,

RE: My letter to my mother and sister ! - micheleFFS - 08-24-2017


You sure look pretty! Feminine and lovely.

Since you've felt as you describe from childhood, have you ever considered transitioning? I'm not expressing an opinion, let along giving unsolicited advice based on ignorance, but I'm curious.

I, for example, never dressed up at all until I was 15 and never felt I was in the wrong body or gender. I like playing with femininity and recognizing the ways women are superior.

Your impertinent, curious but still obedient servant,


RE: My letter to my mother and sister ! - sissyjamieanne - 08-25-2017

Very nicely written've expressed yourself and your need to let your feminine side out quite well...thank you for sharing this very intimate letter to Mom and Sister!



RE: My letter to my mother and sister ! - susanstewartuk - 03-07-2019

Oh paula dear how delightfully written it’s too late for me now, but how I wish I had been just as honest with my could have been so much nicer hopefully for both of us