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Babysitter spanking - Ali - 07-20-2017

Your babysitter is very cross with you.

She's going to spank your bottom.

RE: Babysitter spanking - SissyPamela - 07-22-2017

Such a humiliating and vulnerable position to receive a spanking. Much more so than across ones lap with panties around the ankles. I wonder if he will learn his lesson, or if another session will be required?❤️

RE: Babysitter spanking - Ali - 07-28-2017

I always found this spanking position unbearably humiliating. It made me feel so babyish, I guess because it was also the position I had to adopt for a nappy change. Having everything on display is also very humiliating. At least with an over the knee spanking it's only your bottom on show.

RE: Babysitter spanking - Georgia 23 - 07-03-2019

I always hated to get spanked like that.

RE: Babysitter spanking - Bill - 12-31-2020

I wonder if the strapon or plug come next with the nappy at the end ?

RE: Babysitter spanking - Ali - 01-09-2021

Imagine the boy’s dread as she finishes spanking him, but orders him to remain in position. He might assume it’s just time for him to have his nappy back on, but then (if she’s feeling kind) he feels the cold sensation of the lube as she gentle touches his most intimate place, and he slowly realises he’s being prepared for penetration.

RE: Babysitter spanking - wailer - 01-17-2021

A naughty boy on the changing table is at just the right height for his Matron or Nanny or Mummy or Babysitter to bend his legs back and have his bottom at just the right height for a spanking or strapping. If his hands happen to be properly cuffed and the safety strap around his waist, then his bottom can't escape.

Of course, when she has decided his bottom has suffered the proper punishment, he is still in the perfect position of her strapon, or a plug, to make sure his bottom hole is as well punished as his cheeks, before his thick nappies are pinned tightly in place.

RE: Babysitter spanking - hall2226 - 01-25-2021

Every inch the Lady.

RE: Babysitter spanking - Ali - 02-06-2021

In some ways being kept naked is worse than being put into knickers and a sissyish dress.

Being forced to dress as a sissyish little girl is humiliating, but you don’t feel quite so vulnerable as if you’re naked.

RE: Babysitter spanking - Girlygirl - 02-06-2021

It is certainly more likely to provoke a response (not least from law enforcement) outside of a domestic environment.  Wink