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RE: Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon - huberthowhow - 03-29-2021

(07-09-2017, 04:18 PM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: My good friend who I mentioned in the other post. Recently introduce her sissy to the humbler. He does not like but like everything else has no choice accept obey. This is the humbler she purchased from Amazon. She kept him locked up like this for several days last week, poor thing was stuck on his knees the whole time.

Any one have experience or ready to take the plunge?


   I can't say that I would enjoy this.

RE: Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon - Sissy Celeste - 03-29-2021

(03-29-2021, 07:19 PM)huberthowhow Wrote:    I can't say that I would enjoy this.

A humbler is exquisite torture. The combination of the stretching, the position you are in, and the almost complete inability to move is something else. I tremble with anticipation whenever I am aware that it is about to (or has) made an appearance. For those on a budget, it's a very economical way to create a very intense experience, similar no doubt to one I'm guessing you might get in a dungeon equipped far more elaborately.

RE: Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon - Substeve - 04-13-2021

Is there any way that a humbler wearer can avoid pain? I assume to stay absolutely still would work it I've never worn one.

RE: Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon - Sissy Celeste - 04-13-2021

Keeping still in a position where there isn’t too much stretching gives a very pleasurable tugging sensation. However, that’s quite tricky when the electrode in the humbler is zapping one’s marbles, or one is being thrashed, or even both together.

RE: Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon - Bhuna71 - 04-15-2021

There is also a more severe version which attaches to the ankles: and a different version with the device in front but attached to the wrists: I've never tried either, but I imagine you wouldn't want to be moving much.

RE: Humbler! Woman's Ultimate Weapon - Sissy Celeste - 04-15-2021

Ooh, I like the idea of both of those, (and much more to the point, so does my Mistress). The ankle version can easily be replicated on an existing humbler by adding a couple of hooks. I suspect I might be digging out the power drill later and paying a visit to our local hardware store.