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Shopping - SissyCharley - 03-22-2017

Hello all,
As a returning member of the sissy world I ventured out for my first shopping trips for a long time recently.
First was to buy some new underwear late last week. Of course I bought a bra and panties both in pink, plus a few pairs of tights. Some black 40 denier opaque and some 20 denier shiny in a natural shade.

The opaques are good to wear under my trousers when out in public, along with the panties of course. They can pass as socks from a distance. I have worn them a couple of times now when out working and also today I attended a small meeting wearing them. The other 4 attendees were all ladies, and it gave me such a nice feeling knowing that I was wearing feminine underwear and hosiery while joining them. I kept my feet under the table and no one spotted my nylon covered ankles. If only they had known. It also made me sit very ladylike as I was constantly aware of the feel of the tights under my trousers. I kept my ankles and knees together at all times.

After the meeting I had a quick stroll around town and popped in to two charity shops where I managed to get a pair of black strappy heels in one and a black sleeveless clingy mini dress with a flared skirt in the other. I was served by an older gentleman in the first shop and he didn't bat an eyelid, however, in the second shop where I bought the dress I was served by a nice younger lady. She made a point of holding up the dress and commenting on how she wished she could wear such a short dress, giving me a knowing smile at the same time. Confused 

When I got home, I realised just how short it is!! It only reaches about 3 inches below my bottom, and the heels are at least 3.5 to 4 inches too. Higher than I thought anyway, as I had to walk very carefully downstairs in them. Between them along with the natural tights they showed of my legs really well though.

I was able to wear them for an hour or two whilst working at home this afternoon. I only had one fright when a delivery man arrived, I managed to quickly remove the shoes and pop on a jumper and trousers before answering the door. I forgot that I had the natural tights on and opened the door with them showing. I don't think he noticed though.

Hope you all enjoy my little report.


RE: Shopping - sissy maid mary - 03-23-2017

nice report of a lovely sissy day

RE: Shopping - SissyCharley - 03-23-2017

Here are a couple of pics of my new things. Apologies for the quality, low light.