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Posts and replies - davelo - 02-11-2017

Here we have a place where like minded adults can get together and share there interests, and yet, looking at the forum stats I find it somewhat perplexing that although a persons post may have been read hundreds of times, very few users bother to reply and engage in the topics that people are trying to bring to the table, I my self have posted some of my artwork  relating to our quirks, takes hours to produce and yet had very little feedback  so not posting anymore , and I am sure that when  other people do try to engage  and their topics go ignored by the majority, of board members  they too must feel the same ..IE what's the point ..
Huh Huh Huh ...

RE: Posts and replies - Sissy Matthew - 02-11-2017

Davelo...I appreciate it and I am sure others do as well (although they may not necessarily express it through feedback).

I can understand it if you don't want to post again...but as KC and the Sunshine Band said "please don't go" :-)

Sissy Matthew

RE: Posts and replies - davelo - 02-11-2017

(02-11-2017, 06:16 PM)Sissy Matthew Wrote: Davelo...I appreciate it and I am sure others do as well (although they may not necessarily express it through feedback).

I can understand it if you don't want to post again...but as KC and the Sunshine Band said "please don't go" :-)

Sissy Matthew

Hi sissy Matthew
Despite my earlier feelings, I have decided to continue to support this forum by making regular contributions, it is only fare when someone has put in a lot of time and effort to create a place where like minded adults can meet and discuss openly their thoughts and ideas, I just wish that more people would connect and share their own ideas and views with those who do take the time to contribute ..
Thank you again
Kindest regards D (Dave or D'vina) xx

RE: Posts and replies - ModeratorM - 02-11-2017

Hi Davelo,

I think we who post art should do so without expectations, despite the quality and effort provided. For example, I've posted several stories on a more mainstream femdom site, over the years. They have thousands of members and many read the fiction subforum. Yet, with close to 75 posts over several years, only about 20 have responded.

Currently, we have 604 members who aren't banned spammers (142 spanners banned, accounting for the difference between the total number displayed on the home page and my figure.)

Of those, 396 have posted. Of those, 244 have posted one time only. 67  people have posted 10 times or more, with 3734 posts of a total of 4132 posts, so 67 people account for 90% of posts. Ali, by himself, accounts for over 10% of all posts.

So realistically, your posts must attract enough admiration from among 60+ folks to earn a comment. Richardto posted a long, true tale of his feminization and diapering, well written, but only 5 people have commented so far.

Your work is excellent and deserves much praise. But if you post for praise, I fear you'll be disappointed.

RE: Posts and replies - ModeratorM - 02-11-2017

Oh, and I'm very glad you decided to continue. We are a tiny minority in a barely recognized minority, and I doubt there is a similar place anywhere else.

RE: Posts and replies - nancy - 02-12-2017

Hello, why don't we all try and be creative in our own ways to build this forum with looking at all possibilities to recruit as many members as possible through spreading the word. I mean I will chose to remain a secret sissie my self, but maybe we could all search out a billboard of some sort to post an advertisement with out any one watching. Maybe we can circulate information about this forum throughout feminist groups and clubs, by making some photocopies and posting them up somewhere when no one is looking, unless you not mind someone watching what you advertise. Maybe even on Craigslist and kijiji we can advertise. We are almost 750 members as of now, can we all try and invent ways to spread the word and recruit more members to speed up the process of this new world, of women being the leaders and running the world.
From nancy, what is your feed back.

RE: Posts and replies - Ali - 02-12-2017

I'm sure lots of people enjoy your lovely pictures. I don't think you should be worried that people don't interact. I've posted stories that very few people respond to. It makes it even more special when someone does.

As you know, I LOVE your pics.

RE: Posts and replies - sissysoft - 02-12-2017

Davelo I love your work!!!!

RE: Posts and replies - Richardto - 02-14-2017

Hi Davelo,

I do like the artwork, please don't think because you don't get a huge number of replies that nobody is looking. Like Michele said, I put a long story together that got a few people to comment on it, but not much more than that, and the comments were similar to the responses you got. People do look, just that they don't always get a chance to respond or feel they have anything worthwhile to say about it.

RE: Posts and replies - GinaV - 02-14-2017

davelo: Sorry, often I don't reply when I look at something, but I frequently give people a positive rating. Are you on