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A question for all the enlightened ladies & men - himandher - 07-26-2021

If you were to go back and start you current relationship again (Same applies to singles) knowing what you know now, what qualities would you look for in your prospective partner;

Are there particular personality traits that appeal?
Are there any ground rules that would need “setting in stone” from day one?
Here’s a biggie, let's say you introduce a friend to the lifestyle, how would you open the conversation, would you use your existing partner as an example?

For those in existing relationship;

Are there any other obvious differences between your and say your neighbour's five doors down relationship’s?
If your mallette was to sit you down to truly open their heart about their feelings, what would you change about your current relationship?

For the men;

If you were to sit your partner down and truly open your heart to them, what if anything would you like to change about your current relationship?

RE: A question for all the enlightened ladies & men - jochmo60 - 08-02-2021

When I was 14 I got a part time job in a bakery restaurant, working Saturdays and during the school holidays, I would do odd jobs cleaning the bakery and helping out in the kitchen. The cook had an assistant a girl in the same year as me at school
The layout was bakery, kitchen dishwashing room/prep room then the restaurant; I would be working in the bakery and if I ever wanted a coffee milk shake or a cake I would have to walk through the kitchen to the prep room and help myself.
I had been there about a month and went to get my cake and milk shake for my morning break, as I walked through the kitchen the woman and girl were standing by the sink there backs to me, the girl must have done something wrong because the woman was scolding the girl as if she was a toddler, she had her hand on the girls bottom, and would give it a little pat, telling her to wash up properly or she will have to pull her knickers down for a spanking,
I was fascinated, and confused, the thought of this woman threatening to spank her was very arousing. The woman looked over her shoulder smiled at me then went back to scolding the girl as she patted her bottom, I spent the rest of the day on wobbly legs thinking about it, and could not wait to get home and be a naughty boy under the covers.
A couple of days later it seemed I became her target, and every so often she would say to me oh you naughty boy I should put you over my knee, or she would come into the bakery holding a large wooden spoon, patting it in the palm of her hand saying something like does your mummy use a wooden spoon on your bottom johnny, I would stand there bluing with embarrassment, no I whimpered melting with shame,
Things like that happened over the year she would come into the bakery, find a little thing to scold me for and pat my bottom. All though it was very embarrassing, I always looked forward to her admonishment and feeling her hand patting my bottom.
The time came when something happened and she put her arm around me and said do you want me to take you home and give you a bedtime spanking,
I almost fainted when she said that and was dying with shame, I wanted to say yes, but said no blushing, and she just said ok and gave my bottom a light smack and went back to the kitchen.
This happened in the early 70s and I now wished that I had said yes, the thought of me being over her lap being spanked and put to bed by her is still thrilling s it is today.
I do feel guilty for enjoying watching her shame the girl in front of me, such lovely memories.