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My Sissy daddy - Robin77 - 07-25-2021

Laura here. I'll do daddy's T&Ts. Until we find a new Nanny. The previous girl married a local Sissy.
 Robin usually sleeps nude. Except when he needs Discipline Ointment Diapers.

 I started yesterday. He was asleep, but fully erect. I pinched it. He screamed.
 Took him to pee. He did.

 Sat him on one of the twin Sissy Toilets. Told him to poop.
 I stood directly above. Daddy leered at my feet & toes, basically bare in 5" black strappies.
 He clenched, E-cup Titties juddering, farting furiously.

 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Plop! Ooooooooh. Plop! A few more.
 Perfunctory Morning Spanking. Bathing.

 "Daddy, would you like a long leisurely ramble in the Stroller? We could lunch with your Mother. I already called."
 "Very much, Ma'am. I haven't met her new Lover."