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Jodie's Back! - RealJodieDelight - 04-19-2021

Hello darlings, 

I'm back!

If you haven't heard of me, I'm an infamous worldwide author of Adult Baby, Sissy Baby and Sissy Girl eBooks.

I've been writing since September 2017 on Amazon.

I'm currently in the process of my great comeback after taking some needed time away.

I'm NOT here to promote my eBooks.

I'm on PDQ to chat and make new like-minded friends.

Feel free to message me, I won't bite!

Thank you & stay safe! xx

RE: Jodie's Back! - Girlygirl - 04-19-2021

Welcome to the forum, Jodie - it sounds as though you should have a great deal to inform the discussions on here. I hope you enjoy reading and contributing.

RE: Jodie's Back! - Cindy - 04-19-2021

Hi. It's nice to see you here.

RE: Jodie's Back! - afp - 04-19-2021

Hello Jodie, welcome to the forum. It’s a real delight to meet you. Looking forward to reading your contributions.

RE: Jodie's Back! - sassylax - 04-19-2021

Hi Jodie. I'm interested in taking a look at your work but all google results seem to be dead links. Mind providing some links so I can check out your stuff?

RE: Jodie's Back! - Kimmi - 04-19-2021

Welcome back, Jodie!

I remember you from your previous time on PDQ and am delighted you returned.

I hope you will share some of your real life experiences and also some favorite fantasies.

RE: Jodie's Back! - Satin Jessie - 04-19-2021

Hi Jodie, welcome to the gang. Looking forward to hearing from you x

RE: Jodie's Back! - RealJodieDelight - 04-20-2021

Thank you all for your kind welcoming messages.

I'll keep you all posted regarding my new website and my eBooks republished on Amazon.

Stay safe! Smile x

RE: Jodie's Back! - Ali - 04-21-2021

Welcome back, Jodie!

I know you said you’re not here to promote your books, but do please feel free to give us a teaser!

RE: Jodie's Back! - RadicalFeminist - 04-24-2021

Welcome Jodie, it is nice to have you on the forum again. Look forward to hearing your views on petticoating and sissies.