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Obsessed with frilly panties - Sasha.Nicole - 04-18-2021

Hello everyone,

This is the first thread I have posted apart from my introduction.

As the title suggests I am obsessed with frilly panties and I have a vast collection. It may sound like I am bragging but I am not and I love the face that my pics may bring some joy to other pansy girls who adore frilly panties as much as I do.

Check out the pic below. All the pics are me or my frilly panties. I don’t think I can post more than one pic at a time ( unless I am doing something wrong ) so my first pic is just a few of my frilly pants from my collection.

Have a nice day everyone.

RE: Obsessed with frilly panties - Satin Jessie - 04-18-2021

What a wonderful collection Sasha, I'm suffering from severe sissy envy. Those are my absolute favourite kind of knickers, I'm a huge lover of anything silky and frilly. Thanks for sharing
Jessica x

RE: Obsessed with frilly panties - Girlygirl - 04-18-2021

Loving the collection, Sasha Nicole and thank you very much for sharing. As we’ve established that everyone loves frilly panties though I hope we can look forward to seeing more of this.  Wink

RE: Obsessed with frilly panties - afp - 04-18-2021

Thanks Sasha for sharing that small selection lovely silky frillies. Do post more please.

RE: Obsessed with frilly panties - BABYLOCK - 04-18-2021

Wearing ruffled frilly sissy panties - One must not wear trousers pants or any kind of bifurcated (two legged) clothing.
MUST wear skirts or hem shortened dresses to show these beauties - otherwise why bother to keep it a secret or cover it up ?
You know you want to be on display sporting your fantasy playwear.

Don't forget to curtsey and show more of your frills !

RE: Obsessed with frilly panties - Ali - 04-23-2021

They’re simply delicious panties, Sasha!

You can post up to five pics if you start a post. You just go to ‘add file’ at the bottom of the message. x