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Sissies & Sex - 1 - Robin77 - 04-16-2021

Sandra here. I grew up in a strict Female Led Household. With large extended families nearby.
 Paired Sissies naked a-tiptoe followed heel-sandaled girls in miniskirts to our Discipline Room upstairs.
 Bent Hands-Knees, shrieked as young Ladies lubed them for Enemas.

 Loud screams, cries, howls soon began. And continued.
 Sissies emerged sobbing and contrite, hair askew, faces smeared with tears, snot, makeup mascara eye shadow lipstick.

 I often did daddy alongside cousin Bree and hers.
 Our Pear-Shaped Sissies were lovely feminine Darlings, with remarkably fat fannies, bodacious ta-ta's, prodigious penises.

 They needed frequent deep kisses, severe spankings, and Cums.
 All Sissies do.