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New - Elsie - 04-14-2021

Im elsie. Married for over 20 years, I'm the head of household. My husband is submissive to me but he wasn't always. This is the first time I have been on a site like this. 

RE: New - Cindy - 04-15-2021

Welcome, ma'am. I hope that you like it here. I'm sure I won't be alone in hoping you'll tell us about how you became the head of your household and brought out the submissiveness in your lucky husband. Please don't feel I'm pressuring you. Take your time and do what's comfortable for you as you get to know us.

RE: New - Ms spank his bottom - 04-15-2021

Welcome ELSIE . It is good to have another HOH Gal in the forum. I have been married to my little sissy about as long as you have been married to your husband. Isn't is good to have our husbands wrapped around our little finger. Looking forward to Communicating with you on the forum in the name of female supremacy.            Ms Mommy L

RE: New - sissygirl 2 - 04-15-2021

Welcome Elsie,
Hope you enjoy this place, the girls here are so awesome and very helpful.

RE: New - Girlygirl - 04-15-2021

Welcome to the forum, Elsie - there are certainly many members in a position to share similar experiences. Do tell us more about how your current situation came about.

RE: New - sissydave - 04-15-2021

Welcome to the forum Ma'am

RE: New - afp - 04-15-2021

Welcome to the forum Elsie, nice to meet you. This is a great place to be.

RE: New - whyguys - 04-16-2021

Thank YOU for being here!  Please FEMALE MASTER ELSIE - do tell us of how YOU so correctly came to YOUR realization of the rightful primacy of YOUR SEX over that of the male....

RE: New - Kimmi - 04-17-2021

Glad you are here with us, Elsie!

Thanks for joining and sharing.

RE: New - GinaV - 04-17-2021

<curtsey> Ms. Elsie, Welcome and hope You enjoy this great forum! As always, we look forward to input from Superior Females!