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Coiffed for Transformation - Sydney Michelle - 06-04-2016

Smile Being from the Land of Big Hair, I have always been fascinated by the possibilities of boys learning to follow in their mother's high heels through learning to achieve and maintain a big, beautiful hairdo. Whether it would be by accompanying their mothers to the beauty parlor for a session with her hairdresser, or being used for a styling model by their sisters and their friends, boys would learn first hand the pleasure of a wash and set, the stimulating warmth of being under a dryer, the fabulous feeling of having comb outs tightly teased and sprayed into place.

If they were very good, they got to accompany the women of the family out shopping, hair neatly wound, curlers covered with a bright scarf knotted at the nape. Naturally the clothing would be sufficiently stylish so as not to draw undue attention. If they were really lucky and sufficiently sweet, they would have a few frocks in the closet to wear to sisters' girlfriends' birthday parties.

The child's dream would be to have regular hair appointments where he would be dressed appropriately and answering to a nom de coiffure, hoping against hope that the locks would be rolled up for an updo, maybe even one with a cascade of extra curls. If only a girlfriend of his sister would believe that wives were so handy, all girls should have one!

Happy rolling and teasing, y'all. Even if you don't decide the solution for more attractive hair is to go blonde. And if that's not enough, go BLONDER!  Big Grin

Sydney Michelle

RE: Coiffed for Transformation - baby sam - 06-06-2016

You forgot pigtails

RE: Coiffed for Transformation - ketchuplover - 07-02-2016

My favorite hairstyle is the one worn by Demi Moore in Nothing But Trouble