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Gynarchy Clinic - Bonzodoug - 02-24-2021


RE: Gynarchy Clinic - ShameBoyChastityDiaper - 02-24-2021

Ou sh..... Wink It seem to be a hard time spended there. Wink Are they using chastity belt, diapers and bed restraints ? Straightjackets and leather deprivation hoods should be suitable too Wink

RE: Gynarchy Clinic - Bonzodoug - 02-24-2021

It’s very much driven by client demand. So if the client wants her boy to be age regressed and nappied, it’s a menu item. Interestingly, there is a residential wing, so clients can stay and participate in each of the procedures. They can also just drop their subbie off and return after the necessary time (a month? Three months?) to collect a boy who has been reconfigured to their exact requirements. Third option is to have individual procedures spread out over time - a day a week or a day a month - to enable their toy to gradually progress towards her perfect goal.

The Clinic's aftercare service is also important, providing home visits and tune-ups and services to ensure that GC modified boys are continuing to function as planned.

RE: Gynarchy Clinic - Girlygirl - 02-24-2021

What a brilliant concept. Perhaps they will find themselves with some new customers in the near future  Wink Thanks for sharing.

RE: Gynarchy Clinic - afp - 02-24-2021

An absolutely thrilling clinic by the sounds of it.