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The Night of the Party - zizy - 02-14-2021

1. Arrival

Tonight we will have guests. Two of mother’s friends will come as usual. They love humilating me.

I am again in my maid outfit, with a nappy, because I’m supposed to be available to take care of any orders at all times, even though they usually send me to the corner for much of the evening and ignore my existence and chat about their own stuff. Every time is as humiliating as the last.

I’ve worked since the morning to clean the house completely. I’ve also done much of the evening preparation work, other than the thing or two mother decided to do herself.

We were in the process of going over everything when the dorbell rang.

We welcomed our first guest. I held my head down as normally instructed and gave a deep welcoming curtsey. “Hello and welcome.”

All I got in return was a cold “Hello”.

I took off her coat and put it away on the coat rack for her.

After she went in, there was voices outside.

“Mom, this party sounds lame. I’m already regretting letting you talk me into it.”

“Andrea, you’ll see.” the response came with a laugh.

When I opened the door, I came face to face with my ex classmate.

She had a look of shock. I lowered my head and curtsied elegantly as trained.

“Wow …so, you’re a sissy?” she asked “A syssymaid?” she started laughing as she finished the updated question.

“Yes. I am.” I responded.

“A well trained one.” mother said proudly.

Andrea started laughing uncontrollably for what seemed an eternity. I’m sure I’ve had a blush.

“Come in. We’ll laugh more later.” her mother said with a wink.

Andrea responded with more laughter as she walked in. I closed the door and helped them remove their coats. Andrea calmed down enough to merely giggle at my predicament.

I was wrong. This will be a lot more humiliating than usual.

RE: The Night of the Party - Girlygirl - 02-14-2021

An interesting start. Still, there’s no point being a sissy if you can’t share it with the world.  Big Grin And what more can Andrea say or do that you haven’t experienced previously  Wink

RE: The Night of the Party - afp - 02-14-2021

Zizy, I think it will be end up being lovely for you and Andrea. She’s giggling now out of how she likes you.

RE: The Night of the Party - zizy - 02-14-2021

2. Arrangements

I was standing in the corner, thinking about Andrea. She was my classmate in high school. I had a crush on her back then, but I found her a bit intimidating, so I never approached her.

Anyway, back to my current predicament. I’m standing facing a corner so I don’t overly intrude on the party, though I hear pretty much everything, I’m not allowed to participate, unless I’m the one providing the entertainment.

…interestngly Andrea hasn’t spoken much since she calmed down. I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

“So, you’ve went to school with the sissy?” mother asked.

“Oh, yes. We were in the same class together.” Andrea said “I really liked that sissy ass, always imagined fucking it with a strapon.”

Amazed sounds came as I cringed. This is going to be bad, and it hasn’t even started yet.

“Ah …yeah …that’s certainly a strong sentiment…” mother was apparently struggling to find her words. “…well …actually, I was considering looking for a girl sissy’s age to really ravish that ass.” she recovered. I closed my eyes in embarrassment, feeling suddenly cold all over and shivering.

“But is the sissy up for it?” Andrea asked.

“No reason why not. I always knew a day like this would come, so I made sure the sissy trained that butthole. Sissy is fully capable of taking a 3 inch diameter dildo with no problem whatsoever.” mother opened up my shameful training.

“Really? Wow.” Andrea spoke. “That’s a lot more convenient than I ever expected.”

“Great. I’d be happy to borrow you the sissy whenever you want.”

“Excellent. I’d really prefer to do it in the privacy of my own room.”


“Yes, it would be good if the sissy cleaned your room” Andrea’s mom said.

“Mom ldots” Andrea complained. I’d gladly clean her room, though, not that I’d say that without permission to speak. “Anyway, how did you train the sissy? Butt plugs?”

“Ah, no. Well, at least not lately. I did use butt plugs to stretch the butthole initially, but I’ve since moved on to using a dildo chair. Her face…you really should see it.” mother gave additional detail.

I was closing my eyes and frowning, all the while shuddering.

“Dildo chair? Sounds kinky. I love it.” Andrea said “I’d like to see a demonstration.”

“A minor issue, though. Sissy, turn around, lift your skirt.” mother ordered.

I turned around, lifted my skirt and exposed my nappies to view.

“Oh, I see why she can’t use them immediately. Sissy, why are you in nappies?” Andrea asked.

“It is so that I don’t have to distract anyone by asking to go to the toilet, Miss Andrea.”

“I like that ‘Miss Andrea’ there, very respectful, good training.” she gave me thumbs up. “However, did you use the nappies?”

“No …not yet, Miss Andrea.” I replied, torn between desire to please her and my own embarrassment.

“Well, why don’t you use them now. It’s a great preparation that shouldn’t go to waste, and when you’ve done your business, you can move on with the demonstration.” she said.

“Is that an order?” I asked for clarification.

Mother glared at me showing that I messed up, Andrea saw, and nodded.

Andrea took a second to compose herself and started “Yes, that’s an order. You also forgot ’Miss Andrea’ at the end. Are your standards slipping so fast that you can’t address me properly during one conversation?”

“Sorry Miss Andrea.” I responded.

Indeed, very humiliating.

RE: The Night of the Party - Girlygirl - 02-14-2021

Andrea has obviously studied how to get what she wants from a sissy - she is a natural. One wonders how that is going to translate to her ‘rear end desires’.   Big Grin 

I hope he has something to empty into those nappies or he risks disobeying an order - which wouldn’t at all be a good start.  Wink

RE: The Night of the Party - Satin Jessie - 02-14-2021

Fabulous story, I'm quivering at the thought of being taken in hand by Miss Andrea who sounds wonderfully formidable Smile

RE: The Night of the Party - zizy - 02-14-2021

3. Demonstration

It took me what felt like few minutes under the watchful gaze of all the ladies here until I managed to pee my nappy. I felt my heart racing.

“Well, that’s nice.” mother said, checking the nappy.

Andrea also felt the nappy. “Looks used, you won’t need to go for a while now, right sissy?”

“Right Miss Andrea.”

“You’re coming with me.” mother said and marched me to my room. Andrea followed.

I stripped, and mother took my nappy off.

“Oh, she’s caged.”

“Always. Right sissy?”

“Right, a sissy doesn’t need to use that thing.” I managed to answer.

“Now, pick up the chair and move it into the living room while I get the attatchment and lube.” mother said.

I picked up the simple round wooden backless chair with the attatchement point in the middle, all the while being watched by Andrea, who followed me into the living room. I looked around and set it down where it would give everyone the best view while seated. I hope it will prompt them at least somewhat to remain seated.

Mother came back with a dildo, 3 inches in diameter, 8 inches in length. It’s a bit of a squeeze, but I can handle it these days.
She mounted it on the chair and started lubing it up. “This is where I make the sissy sit when she has to do her lines or essays. It’s good training, so she won’t get ideas unbecoming.”

She also put on a glove and lubed up my asshole. “With this, there’s no excuse.”

All the while Andrea watched attentively.

I then slid down on the dildo and slowly sat down.

“There, she’s fast enough these days, I used to have to whip her with the belt when she took too long in the early days.” to which Andrea nodded.

The mix of pleasure and embarrassment excited me, and an ache started in my balls.

“What’s with her balls? They’re turning dark.”

“Those are just blue balls. A sissy’s proper state. In my opinion, balls of a sissy are meant for suffering.”

I grunted.

“There. See. They hurt.” mother said.

“Wow, I didn’t think they change color so visibly and suddenly.” Andrea said. “Spread your legs wider.”

“Yes Miss Andrea.” I complied.

She knelt down to observe them. First she held them gently, caressed them a bit. That was a great mix of pain and pleasure.

“You’re enjoying this sissy.” mother said.

“Mhf. Yes.” I replied.

Andrea pulled her hand away and stayed there and thought for a second while I internally begged her to continue touching.

“Right. I shouldn’t make this too pleasurable.” Andrea said. “Could give a sissy wrong ideas. Can’t have that…”

So she lifted her hand and started flicking my balls. Each small impact shot some pain as my balls bounced from the flicks. “Ow. Ouch.”

She laughed.

I instinctively tried bringing my legs together. Big mistake.

“Stop that, sissy.” mother strictly said. Taking one of my knees and moving it away. Andrea’s mother held the other one.

Andrea stopped and looked around. Mother’s other friend gave her a pencil. “Use that to tap on the balls.”

She spent the next few minutes tapping my balls, which was excruciating. Especially with the dildo in my butt making my insides feel every single tiniest move I made in response.

“What do you say?” mother asked in a strict tone after the tapping was done.

“Thank you Miss Andrea for using my balls as they should be used.”

“And how should they be used?” Andrea asked, probably genuinely.

“Sissy balls should be used to cause pain and suffering, not pleasure.” I answered.

She beamed a smile at that answer. It’s like it gave her a new perspective. I felt a mix of dread and anticipation at what she’d do with that information.

She got up and looked down at me with a predatory smile.

“I do have a need now. I’m going to use you …use you as a toilet.” she proclaimed.

OK, in spite of everything that was done to me so far, I never thought I could ever be this humiliated.

RE: The Night of the Party - Girlygirl - 02-14-2021

Andrea is getting quite the education here (and one or two ideas to quench the thirst of that dominant streak which is clearly waking from its dormancy within her. Can’t wait for the next update.

RE: The Night of the Party - afp - 02-14-2021

Yeah Zizy I’m still liking this please continue

RE: The Night of the Party - zizy - 02-15-2021

4. Used & Abused

The shock of the pronouncement sent my heart racing. I just sat there for a few seconds dumbfounded.

“What do I do?” I asked.

“Get off the chair and kneel.” Andrea answered with a nearly seductive voice.

I got up and knelt. She walked up to me, slid down her panties from under her skirt and grabbed me by the hair, covering my head with the skirt, navigating my head towards her pussy.

When she aligned my open mouth, she peed. The taste was …not the worst thing I’ve tasted. It was indescribable…but exciting!

When it was clear that she was finished, I gave her a lick to clean her off. She pulled me off by the hair instantly.

“Not with this dirty tongue you don’t.” she said and stormed off.

I was confused. Looking around.

Women around me were also a bit confused, but eventually mother decided I did something wrong, even if she wasn’t convinced what.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“I …I …cleaned her?”

She frowned at that, and sent me back on the chair.

It was now a bit frightening with all of them looking at me darkly. I sat down, was a bit of a hard going.

Just as I settled back down Andrea returned, holding a liquid soap bottle.

“Well, I found something to clean your dirty tongue.” she said, not quiet matching the level of her earlier assurance. “Open up … your mouth.”

I obediently opened my mouth. “Head down.”

She poured the liquid soap into her hand and then she started rubbing it all over my mouth with her hand. A very different discomfort in my mouth now.

When she soaped up my mouth she ordered “Keep your head down and sit there for ten minutes. Don’t swallow.” as she twisted something on her watch.

I could swear it was substantially more than 10 minutes that I was left there while the women discussed me and what I did wrong, how to correct me, and other stuff unrelated to me.

Andrea twisted something on her watch again and said “Right, that’s enough sitting down, sissy. I’m sure others want to use you. Get up, clean yourself and get back into service.” so that particular agony came to an end.