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Put into a dress - Ali - 01-27-2021

"Don't be so silly, Ali. Your not the first boy who's been made to wear a pretty dress and I'm sure you won't be the last. As long as you're careful when you sit down, or walk, or if it's breezy, or if you're going up stairs, then I'm sure no-one will even know that you have frilly knickers on, let alone be able to see them. Now stop crying, or I shall put you across my lap for another spanking."

RE: Put into a dress - afp - 01-27-2021

Gosh it’s a lovely dress, wouldn’t want to have it tear stained, though it is a perfect length to make spanking easy.

RE: Put into a dress - Ali - 01-27-2021

I know from bitter experience that spanking is pretty easy whatever length of dress you have on.

RE: Put into a dress - afp - 01-27-2021

Well Ali I’m not a fan of spanking either but it did happen and is a bitter experience for sure.

RE: Put into a dress - Ali - 01-27-2021

I am a fan of spanking now, afp. I love the whole ritual of bending over, lifting my dress etc.

But as a child I dreaded it, and having to wear a dress or skirt always made me feel vulnerable because it was so easy to just lift it up and there was my bottie, ready to be spanked.

RE: Put into a dress - Girlygirl - 01-27-2021

At least Ali looks very convincing there; if you’re going to be forced into wearing a dress, you may as well do it properly  Wink

RE: Put into a dress - afp - 01-27-2021

Yes now it can be a great ritual. I’m glad you love it.
As a child though, it sure was something to dread as you described.