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Panty Lines Chapter 4 - Cindy - 01-22-2021

It's taken me a while, but here's chapter four. I'm also halfway through chapter 5. I hope that you enjoy it.

Chapter 4 – Mommy Takes Charge
“Cindy is it? That’s a very pretty name, but I don’t think you really believe your name is Cindy. I think you’re just trying to say what you think I want to hear. Someday you may be allowed to call yourself Cindy, but for now, only Mrs. Kerry and I will call you Cindy. Do you understand, Cian?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“I don’t think you really do understand, but you will someday.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now, young lady, you missed a curtsey, didn’t you?”
“Yes, mommy. I’m sorry. I forgot.”
“I’m sure you just forgot, so you need a reminder, don’t you?”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian started to sniffle.
“What kind of reminder do you think you deserve, Cindy?”
“I guess..  guess that I … I … deserve a spanking, but please mommy I am so sore! Mrs. Kerry spanked me every day and it hurts so much. I can’t take anymore.”
“Mrs. Kerry told me you’d say that. She also told me that you can take far more than you think you can and that I should never postpone a spanking. She said the best thing for you is to spank you whenever you deserve one and the longest I should ever wait is until bedtime. She said that’s the only way you’ll learn. Do you understand, Cindy?”
Cian continued to sniffle. “Yes,  mommy, I’m just so sore.”
“I know that you were already spanked today and this will hurt a lot more than usual, but you had better start following the rules or you’ll be getting a lot more.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian couldn’t understand what had gotten into mommy. She was always strict but she was never like this.
“I think you’ll find things have changed here, Cindy. I have been meeting with Mrs. Kerry for weeks ever since I realized that you were so fascinated with panties. She has worked with many little pantywaists like you. Her methods may seem harsh to you now, but you will be a lot happier in the long run.”
The long run? Cian had been hoping that mommy would end all of this after the weekend. He continued to sniffle back tears as mommy continued.
“She predicted exactly what you’d do if you saw those lines full of panties. That was the final test. Once you showed just how much you love panties we knew what had to be done. She explained to me that if you were really a pantywaist that I’d have to become much much stricter with you than I have ever been. She even had me watch while she spanked another of her little girls so that I could learn the kind of spanking little pantywaists like you need. It seems that I was being far too easy on you. Well, that’s going to change as of today.”
Cian started to cry with tears running down his cheeks.
“Now, we have several things to do. Take the box and your new clothes to your room. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
“Much better, Cindy. Just remember that every missed curtsey from now on will earn you a punishment.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian picked up the box first and took it upstairs to his room. He stepped through the door and stopped dead in his tracks.
Oh, no! This can’t be happening. This was a nightmare and it was getting worse and worse.
Cian surveyed his room. He stepped back into the hallway to make sure that it was his room. It was. Or at least, it’s where his room used to be. The walls were now painted pink and there were white lacy curtains on the window. His bunk beds were gone and replaced with a white, canopy bed with a pink lace canopy and a ruffled pink bedspread. All of his toys, model rockets and planes were gone. There were dolls and stuffed animals everywhere. His desk was replaced with a round white table with four small chairs and a tea set on top. Even his dresser was gone. In its place stood a low white dresser with a round mirror. There was a single adult sized armless chair against the wall. The room looked a lot like Rosemary’s room at Mrs. Kerry’s house. At that thought Cian checked more carefully. There was a wooden stool standing in the corner and a large wooden hairbrush on the dresser.
Cian put the box on the table and looked into the closet. Most of his clothes were gone, but a few remained. There were also quite a number of dresses and other girls’ clothes.
That’s a relief. Maybe he could get out of this yet. As he contemplated that, he wondered if he really wanted out of it or not.
“Cindy! Get a move on and come and get these bags.”
Cian started to curtsey until he realized he was alone.
“Coming, mommy!”
Cian knew how anything less than instant obedience would get him in even more trouble so he quickly retrieved the bags. As he brought them into the bedroom his mommy followed him in.
“Okay, Cindy, let’s put this all away. You put the size ten panties in the top left dresser drawer and I’ll put the diapers in the top right. Just leave the twelves in the bag and I’ll put them away in storage until you grow into them.”
Cindy curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.”
While they were putting things away mommy talked.
“Now, you have a spanking coming for missing the curtsey downstairs and we’ll have to take care of that tonight. But, you have others coming too. Those are the ones you have earned for misbehaving away from home. Those you can pay off one day at a time. They don’t have to be done the same day as the misbehavior. Aren’t you glad they don’t all have to be done the same day?”
“Yes, mommy. That would be really bad.”
“It certainly would be especially as you have so many coming.”
“Isn’t it just one for the detention, mommy?”
“That one is the first one, but there are others. Do you remember what I told you on the phone on Friday about how you had to behave for Mrs. Kerry?”
Mommy closed the drawer with the diapering supplies and put a can of baby powder on the dresser.
Cian froze as he remembered.
“Yes, mommy.”
“And what did I tell you?”
Cian started to sniffle again,
“You said that I’d be punished again at home if she punished me there just like at school.”
“Yes, I did. It seems to me that she punished you several times, didn’t she?”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian continued to sniffle and cry.
“I am going to be very lenient this time and only punish you for the three times she had to spank you. Don’t expect me to be this lenient ever again.”
“Thank you, mommy.”
“You’re welcome, Cindy. I am giving you a break only because this is all so new to you.”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Now, young lady, sit down and wait for me while I put away the larger panties.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.” He sat at the table.
It took only a few minutes for mommy to put the larger panties into storage. As she re-entered the bedroom Cian stood up and curtseyed.
“Sit down so we can talk, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and sat down.
“Let me explain how things are going to happen. You still have a few weeks of school so you will finish the school year as a boy. You will wear boys’ clothes to school but you will be wearing panties under them except on days where you have to change for gym. On those days you will wear your old underpants.”
“Yes, mommy. Thank you.”
“Next fall you’d be going to a new school anyway since you’ll be starting junior high. We’ll be able to register you as a girl at your new school and you’ll be able to wear your pretty little panties all the time.”
Cian was staggered by this news. He wasn’t sure if he was excited or appalled, but it wasn’t going to matter how he felt. Mommy had made up her mind. He was going to be turned into a girl.
“Is this all clear, Cindy?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Every day as soon as you get home from school you are to take off your boys’ clothes and get dressed in the clothes I’ll lay out for you on your bed. Once you’re changed you are to come and find me if I’m home to inspect you. I will expect you to be dressed perfectly from head to toe. Understood?”
“Yes, mommy. I understand.”
“You will also stop getting haircuts. I want your hair to grow out until I can style it properly for a little girl. That will take some time, but I think by the summer you’ll be able to wear your hair in pigtails.”
Cian sat in shock. He felt like his life was ending, and in a way it was. Cian knew that he was going to become Cindy whether he wanted to or not. What was worse was that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to become Cindy or not.
“Now, we need to get you into a bath. So stand up and take your clothes off. Hang up the dress and the petticoat in the closet and throw everything else except those sticky panties into the laundry. Those you’ll rinse out first before they stain. You wouldn’t want to stain your favorite panties would you?”
“No, mommy.”
“Okay, stand up and turn around. I’ll unbutton your dress. It’s impossible to work those buttons by yourself. Little girls always need help to wear a fancy party dress like that one.”
Cian stood and turned his back while mommy unbuttoned the dress.
“I’ll run the bath and you can bring me the panties in the bathroom. You can rinse them out in the sink.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Mommy went to run the bath. Cian took off his Mary Janes and his socks. He lifted the dress up over his head and hung it up in the closet. The petticoat soon followed. He took off the crop top. He looked down at the panties. He was ashamed to see the sticky goo and more ashamed to see his little peeny standing right up. Why do panties do this to me?
Cian shook his head as he slipped the panties off. He tossed the crop top and socks into the hamper and joined his mommy in the bathroom.
“Rinse those sticky panties in the sink, Cindy.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy.” He stepped to the sink and turned on the water. As he rinsed away the mess mommy spoke.
“I can’t give you the kind of bubble bath I would for a little girl. The scent would be noticeable and I don’t want anyone to laugh at you or make fun of you. I don’t want you to be embarrassed when you are forced to wear boys’ clothes.”
Cian felt confused. He never thought he was forced to wear boys’ clothes. He always wore boys’ clothes. He was a boy. They were forcing him to wear girls’ clothes not the other way around.
It only took Cian a few minutes to clean his panties.  He handed them to mommy who took a minute to check them over.
“Well done, Cindy. These are nice and clean. In a little while you won’t have to worry about making sticky messes like this again.”
Once again Cian was puzzled. He had no idea what his mommy was talking about.
“Okay, Cindy. Into the tub.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got into the tub.
Mommy washed him from head to toe the same way as Mrs. Kerry had done.
“I haven’t done this since you were very young, Cian. Do you like being washed like this?”
“I don’t know, mommy. It makes me feel helpless but it’s nice too.”
“I understand, Cindy. I think that in time a lot of your confusion will be resolved.”
“I hope so, mommy. I’m not sure how I feel.”
“I understand, Cian. It confused me at first too because I didn’t understand what you were and what you need. Mrs. Kerry helped me with that. Once you understand, you’ll feel at peace.”
“Yes, mommy.”
Cian stood still in the bathtub and waited. He was scared his mommy would help to ease his sore peeny like Mrs. Kerry did. He was also scared she wouldn’t.
Mommy picked up a towel and wrapped it around Cian’s shoulders. She steadied him as he stepped out of the tub. Once he was on the floor she briskly toweled him off. She hung up the towel and took Cian by the hand.
She led Cian back to the bedroom. Cian stood in silence as mommy reached into a drawer and pulled out a little cotton nightie. It was baby pink with small red hearts that made Cian blush.
“Arms up.”
Cian curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and raised up his arms.
Mommy slipped the nightie over his head. The hem ended up at the top of Cian’s thighs.
“Now, young lady, it’s time for your spanking.”
Cian started to cry. His bum was still sore and right after a bath it was so tender and soft that even a light spanking would hurt.
Mommy picked up the hairbrush and sat in the armless chair. She crooked her finger and Cian moved slowly to her right side. Mommy used both hands to guide Cian over her knees. She pushed up the nightie to the middle of his back even though it didn’t really cover any part of his bum.
“Now, Cindy, why are you getting this spanking?”
“I was late for school on Friday, mommy.”
“No, young lady, that spanking will be tomorrow. This spanking you earned today. Try again.”
“I forgot to curtsey when I came in the house and you were there.”
“That’s correct, Cindy, but since you seem to have forgotten again I’ll make sure to give you a spanking you won’t forget.”
Mommy raised the hairbrush and brought it down hard on Cian’s bare bottom. Cian was already in tears and the first smack made him scream. He’s been spanked many times by his mommy but couldn’t remember it ever being this hard. Mommy must have had lessons from Mrs. Kerry.
Mommy spanked Cian a long time. He howled like a baby and cried a river of tears. His little bum was a deep maroon by the time his mommy had finished. Cian was in indescribable pain. He felt like he’d never be able to sit down again.
Mommy stood him up once she was finished, but Cian continued to cry as if she was still spanking him. She stood and took Cian by the shoulders. It didn’t take Cian long to realize where mommy was directing him. She picked him up and sat his sore, bare, bum on the wooden stool.
Cian squealed like a little girl.
Mommy pulled his hands up to the top of his head.
“Lock your fingers. Young lady, you keep your hands right where they are. I want you to think about why you got spanked while you sit there. I will be asking you some questions and you’d better have the right answers or else.”
Cian writhed in pain on the hard wooden seat. Mommy had never been this strict with him before. She had made him stand in the corner before but not sit like this. Cian didn’t move his hands from his head and he didn’t get up as much as that’s all he wanted to do. He sat there in misery and pain. It seemed like forever to Cian. It took him a long time to regain control of himself. By the time that mommy returned he was only crying softly but still squirming in pain.
“You may get up, Cindy, but no rubbing.”
Cian hopped off the stool like he was jet propelled. He stood with his hands outstretched and continued to cry softly.
“Now, Cindy, why were you just spanked?”
“I didn’t curtsey when I came into the house and you were already there.”
“That’s correct. And what do they call it when a little girl breaks a rule like that?”
“It’s disobedience, mommy.”
“It certainly is, Cindy. This isn’t the first time this weekend you’ve been spanked for disobedience is it?”
“No mommy.”
“When was the other time?”
“Friday night, mommy. Mrs. Kerry spanked me for not obeying her immediately without question.”
“So disobedience is a problem for you and it’s a problem that we will cure. Your spanking later this week for the disobedience will have to be something special since you can’t seem to learn it from a regular spanking.”
Cian was stunned. This was a regular spanking? This had been almost as bad as one of Mrs. Kerry’s. He remembered the paddle and shuddered. Mommy had changed and Cian was scared.
“Now, Cindy, it’s time for bed. You must be tired.”
“Yes, mommy. I am really tired.”
“Very well, lie down on the bed, face up while I put you into your night diapers.”
“Diapers, mommy? I only wore them at Mrs. Kerry’s because she thinks I’m a bed wetter, but you know that I don’t wet the bed.”
“Cindy, did you wake up in a wet bed both Saturday and Sunday?”
“Well, yes, mommy, but …”
“No buts about it, if you wake up with a wet bed then you are a bed wetter. That’s what a bed wetter means. Besides you told Mrs. Kerry that you’re a bed wetter.”
“But, mommy, Mrs. Kerry made sure I had to wet the bed and then she said that if I was a bed wetter I wouldn’t be punished so I said I was a bed wetter so that she wouldn’t punish me.”
“So you lied to her?”
Cian realized what he’d said and gasped in fear. Lying had always been the one thing that brought the most severe punishments from his mommy. He looked down at the floor and cried.
“I think that I have the perfect punishment for that lie.”
Cian stood and sobbed waiting for the worst.
“I am not going to soap your mouth and spank you like I usually do for lying.”
Cian stopped crying as loudly and looked up in hope.
“No soap or spanking, mommy?”
“No. I think I have a better idea. I think you should live with the lie you told.”
“I don’t understand, mommy.”
“You told Mrs. Kerry that you were a bed wetter and that was a lie. So to punish you for that lie I’m going to treat you as if you actually are a bed wetter.”
Cian stood quietly and waited to hear what mommy had decided.
“That means you’ll wear diapers to bed like a bed wetter for a while. Maybe that will help you to remember not to lie.”
Cian sobbed. “How long, mommy?”
Mommy seemed to think for a while. “I think until school starts.”
Cian relaxed a bit. “Do you mean tomorrow when school starts? So just tonight?”
Mommy laughed. “No, young lady, I mean until school starts in September.”
Cian was stunned into silence again. He realized he’d just been sentenced to months in diapers.
“Okay, so no more discussion, up on the bad on your back and spread your legs. It’s diaper time.”
Cian slowly curtseyed, “Yes, mommy” and got on the bed. He lay on his back, spread his legs and tried to keep his blazing bum up off the bed.
Mommy took two cloth diapers, pins and a pair of nursery print plastic panties out of the dresser drawer. She sprinkled a little powder between Cian’s legs and pinned him snugly into the double diapers.
“Legs together.”
Cian closed his legs as much as the diapers allowed and mommy slid the plastic panties up his legs. She used her fingers to make sure that the diapers were completely inside the plastic panties.
“It’s been a long time since I had to do that, Cindy.”
Cian blushed until his face almost looked like it was glowing.
“Now, young lady, under the covers and get to sleep. You are not to get out of bed for anything less than the house on fire until I come to wake you in the morning.”
“But, mommy, what if I have to go to the bathroom?”
Mommy chuckled. “You’re wearing your bathroom. If you have to go, just go. It won’t be the first time I had to change a wet diaper… or a messy one.”
Cian nearly choked. “Do you mean?”
“Yes, young lady, I do mean that nothing gets you out of this bed until I come to get you in the morning. I also don’t want to hear a sound out of you before that. Understood?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“I hope so because you’ll regret it if I do.”
Mommy leaned in and hugged Cian. She kissed him on his forehead.
“Goodnight, Cindy. Sleep well. I love you.”
Cian hugged back.
“I love you too, mommy. Goodnight.”
Mommy got up and walked to the door. She turned off the lights.
Cian lay in misery for a while. His bum had never been so sore. He thought hard about what got him in this position. He remembered the panties moving in the breeze on the clotheslines. He was almost surprised to find that his little peeny was erect and throbbing under his diapers.
Cian realized that mommy hadn’t tied up his hands like Mrs. Kerry did. His diapers felt very soft and warm. Cian slipped his hand down under the covers and to the front of his plastic panties. He pressed against his swollen peeny and started rubbing it through the diapers. The soft diapers felt wonderful against his swollen member and it didn’t take him long to ejaculate into his diapers. It felt wonderful. For the first time since Friday he could fall asleep without a sore peeny begging for release. He felt wonderful.

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - Girlygirl - 01-22-2021

A great addition, Cindy. 

His mother has certainly been very busy in his absence and has certainly come up with a routine to keep him toeing the line. From Cindy’s perspective he has some mental gymnastics to perform now that his situation is no longer a temporary one and he would do well to accept and process this early in order to make the most of his situation and the learn the lessons he needs to while there is still a degree of admission that he is new to his situation. 

Of course, come the new school year, another new reality is likely to sledgehammer into his life.  Big Grin

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - afp - 01-22-2021

Cindy, a great chapter and I totally agree with Girlygirl’s reply.

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - Cindy - 01-23-2021

Thank you very much. This was a difficult chapter trying to show that mommy really loves Cian and at the same time will impose the strict discipline he needs to let go and become what he really wants. I'm more comfortable with the strict discipline so Mrs. Kerry is easier to write. She'll be back for sure.

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - jiff50 - 01-23-2021

Thanks for Chapter 4.
It looks like Cian might have a permanently sore bottom for the next few days.
He may even end up in full time nappies under his new uniform by the time he gets to his next school.
Looking forward to chapter 5. Thanks again, Jiff

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - sgbf - 01-24-2021

(01-22-2021, 09:40 PM)Cindy Wrote:
In a little while you won’t have to worry about making sticky messes like this again.”
The soft diapers felt wonderful against his swollen member and it didn’t take him long to ejaculate into his diapers. It felt wonderful. For the first time since Friday he could fall asleep without a sore peeny begging for release. He felt wonderful.

Me thinks this just might unknowingly be for Cian/Cindy his/her last one.

After reading about just how painful the discipline was and will be for Cindy, and thinking about the upcoming restriction of this wonderful feeling from her, the appeal to me seems to be the satisfaction of learning how to please mommy, of the freedom because of the forced situation to give in and learn to appreciate the wonderfulness of all of the feminity now in her life, which was off limits to Cian, and the closeness to mommy when succeeding to be the good little girl she wants.

So the road may be painful and difficult, but worth it for the feeling of achievement, closeness, and freedom to embrace all the wonderfulness of girly-girl stuff. I'll have some of that!

Thanks for the gift of this new chapter!

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - Cindy - 01-24-2021

Thank you all. Cian's transition to Cindy will be painful and difficult. He is certainly in for a few unpleasant surprises along the way but I am sure he'll find his new life fulfilling in the end.

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - Girlygirl - 01-24-2021

Nothing worthwhile is easy in this department (as many of us can attest) but I look forward to reading the rest of his journey into femininity  Big Grin

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - Satin Jessie - 01-24-2021

Thank you so much for this latest chapter Cindy, it was everything I hoped it would be (the punishment stool was a lovely touch). I can't wait to hear what happens next. You paint the scene so vividly it's such a thrill to read, I'm so looking forward to when school starts again xx

RE: Panty Lines Chapter 4 - sissyjamieanne - 01-31-2021

I love it! Cindy's Mommy has realized her need to be disciplined and petticoated. It seems like she's in for a strict life...I'm very interested in the "special" spanking she's to receive!