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hiya's - jess harper - 01-13-2021

hiiii everyone,

i got a lovely little invite to join here via another platform, so i thought i'd totter on over and see.

i'm an 'experienced' (hate that term...but it's easily understood i guess) sissy from the UK (northern) and have been an active sissy for some time. i can be found lots of other places online and stuff (that's where most of my 'about', piccies and the like can be seen and stuff)

Thank you lots!


RE: hiya's - Bill - 01-13-2021

Glad i sent you the invite now Jess lol . Welcome .

RE: hiya's - GinaV - 01-13-2021

Welcome Jess Harper and thanks to Bill for inviting yet another sissy to join our fun and frolic!

RE: hiya's - Satin Jessie - 01-13-2021

Hiya Jess, welcome to the forum. I hope you have lots of fun. Looking forward to hearing all about you xx

RE: hiya's - jochmo60 - 01-13-2021

Welcome jess, leave your boys clothes at the door, and put on the nightie and knickers provided, and step in so we can have a good look at you, no need to be shy.

RE: hiya's - Girlygirl - 01-13-2021

Welcome to the forum, Jess. I hope you will find material of interest to you and possibly even that you’ll offer your thoughts on some of the many open topics.

RE: hiya's - afp - 01-14-2021

Welcome Jess and other replies echo my thoughts exactly. I’ll just add, I love your avatar.

RE: hiya's - jess harper - 01-14-2021

Thank yooouuu everyone (i'm being bad and just doing a blanket reply me!)

Thank you lots though


just a little note to say that i've updated my bio thingy that also has a link to my flickr (from where you can find my other profiles on 'chix, fetlife, xhamster) should you enjoy little treasure hunts!)... as i was asked to just so anyone can see the full me and actual me

i've had people steal my stuff and flaunt it around twice in recent months, it's not nice at all, especially when we are all couped up and struggling, so probably important that anyone interested can see that this is 'me' (if that makes sense?)