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Adult Size Liittle Girl Panties - CindyO - 01-09-2021

Hi Everyone

Just wondering if anyone has purchased ilttle girl cotton panties in adult sizes - if so could you post link(s) please. 

Thanks in anticipation


RE: Adult Size Liittle Girl Panties - BABYLOCK - 01-10-2021

You could start with eBay - there are sellers that sell (and make) all sorts of panties diapers AB DL dresses gear paraphernalia.
Then there is Victoria's Secret - go window shopping !
Take a trip through WalMart see if something is catching your fancy.

Before you start get your vital measurements in order - KNOW WHAT FITS YOUR CUTE BODY FRAME !

You got this internet thing - browse search at i.e. Amazon

Now get your buns going to find dem little girl cotton panties - consider nylon polyester satin and other fabric mixes
You may be surprised at what you may find.

Just as an after thought not finding the printed little girl design you thinking off - buy a package of plain or colored
panties and splash some bleach or dye on in the wash cycle - be creative make your own *

RE: Adult Size Liittle Girl Panties - FrillyBilly - 01-18-2021

Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but have a look.