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12 Days of Christmas Day 4 - Bonzodoug - 01-07-2021

Day 4

He had a better nights sleep. His dreams were more harmonious, although they still featured the severe Facesitting Woman. 

It was early, so he decided to wait a little before having his pill and listening to podcast number 7. He wanted to think about what was happening. He felt contented and warm, although he was slightly worried about the suppositories, both because they leaked, but also because he wasn’t sure what they were doing to him. 

Sure, he felt more energetic, and slightly sexy all the time, but also he seemed a bit more fuzzy, and fearful. He knew she had his best interests at heart, though, and he couldn’t help thinking about what she had said: 'good boy. Mummy knows best'. The panties had also stayed on his face all night, and he felt comforted by her scent. 

The funny thing was he couldn’t shake off an idea that he would sleep better on the floor. She had decorated the bedroom, and it was more feminine than masculine. He kept having the strong feeling that it was wrong for his hairy body to be between the fine silky sheets, and his constant worry about the suppository strengthened this conviction. 

He checked, and the sheets were clean. As he settled down to listen to the podcast, he felt more relaxed, although his butt crack was a little tender from yesterday's thong. 

Today’s podcast followed a similar pattern to yesterday’s. Again the two Woman were talking, this time about biology. The man hater was expounding a theory that the double XX chromosome was a sign that Women were perfect, and the Y chromosome, which she kept describing as 'broken' or 'flawed', was the reason males were so defective. 

She went on to say that male sexual equipment was warped in the womb by excessive testosterone in the male foetus. She described the penis and testes as 'male genetic defects'. She stated that this led in full grown males to a condition she called 'male defect shame syndrome'.

In her view, Male Defect Shame Syndrome (MDSS) and the continued high level of testosterone in the male was responsible for war, crime, rape and all manner of male-created social ills. 

The other Woman didn’t really defend males against this onslaught. She admitted that while she, personally, found the male defect both repugnant and ridiculous, there were some Women who enjoyed it. 

As the conversation faded away and the waves started to crash and the heartbeat sound built up in his ears, he thought quietly to himself that he must have MDSS.  He must ask her about it when she came back home. 

He awoke from his doze excited about what the day would bring. He was looking forward to his next present, and that he was going out to shop for some more food, as his supplies were getting low.  

His Tuesday panties were in a boyshorts style, so he didn’t have the problem of the thong and his crack. When he looked in the mirror he felt relieved to see that they covered up his male defect, and that he didn’t have to look at it. 

He refreshed the  moisturiser on his face, and knelt in front of the dresser. The fourth box was at floor level, so he had to bend right down to lick the nubbin. With a happy smile he mentally counted to four, and the box clicked open. 

Inside the fourth box was a wooden chest, carved with the same logo as the dresser. He lifted it out, and knowing what to do, licked the button  between the carved lady's legs on the top of the chest. 

It sprang open, and inside sat a velvet cushion holding five metal butt plugs, ranging in size from small to very large. 

Although he was shocked, a part of him immediately thought that wearing a butt plug would save him from worrying about leakage from his suppository. As soon as this thought popped up, he took the smallest plug to the bathroom, and after slathering it and himself with lubricant, he bent over to insert it. He just knew it was the right thing to do. 

It wasn’t easy, but when it was inside him, he felt full, and strangely comforted. He was also so relieved to have solved the leakage issue. He put on his new boyshorts panties, and looked at himself in the mirror. More moisturiser!

He walked to the kitchen, feeling the little object inside him, and took the last of the soy yoghurt from the fridge. He had hardly eaten in three days, but didn’t feel hungry. He realised that he had been all over the place yesterday, and decided to do a list for the day's activities. 

He decided that a daily routine would put some structure in his life, which he seemed to miss with her away. He tried not to think about her on Venus Island with Julia, and decided instead to concentrate on his chores. 

As he sat on the kitchen bar stool to eat his soy yoghurt, the jewelled base of the butt plug was pressed upwards, and he immediately started to feel a little sick. He stood up rapidly, a thought popping into his head that he wouldn’t be able to sit down any more now that he was always going be wearing a butt plug.

He examined this thought a little more. Always? Was he always going to be plugged? The new thought persisted, so he shrugged and accepted it. It must be what she wants. 

The exercise program was only slightly different from the previous one. Ranks of beautiful, powerful Women ran through a series of squats while the camera lovingly lingered on their Lycra clue buttocks. Again, he struggled to keep up, and he was constantly aware of the plug jiggling inside him. 

Without showering, he quickly threw on some clothes, which felt strange after three days in pyjamas, or less. Looking in the mirror at his jeans and plaid shirt, he felt uneasy about how masculine he looked. At least he had his plug and boyshorts, he thought. 

Walking to the shop, he was acutely aware of the plug. The two days of intensive squat exercises also made him conscious of his butt in his jeans, which felt much tighter than usual. 

In the health food shop, he made sure to buy the foods that she encouraged in the household, helpfully marked with a PE label. At the counter, the pretty check out girl asked if he was on a PE diet, and recommended a couple of other items. She also commented on how good his skin was looking. 

Embarrassed, he quickly paid up and left, although had the distinct impression that she was looking at his ass. As he walked out of the door he heard her say 'have a lovely day, sweetie!'  

Back in the flat, he put away the food, took off his clothes and are an alfalfa salad. 

He decided that he would clean all her shoes this afternoon. She would be pleased. He spent the afternoon in her shoe closet, making sure her collection was gleaming and immaculate. She loved her boots, and he knew she would be so happy that he was looking after them.  Every time he finished a pair, he kissed the toe, and thought of her. 

Having finished his shoe cleaning work, he decided to relax and watch some sport. Perhaps surprisingly, his diet allowed him beer, so he decided to reward himself with a bottle. 

Watching the Women’s Doubles Tennis was very enjoyable, and although the butt plug made it uncomfortable to sit, he did find that he could lie on the floor and look up at the huge screen. 

When the match was over, he celebrated the victory of the team he was supporting with another beer. 

He was definitely a little tipsy when he rolled into bed. He did remember to put in his ear buds, and tried very hard to listen to what the two women’s voices were saying over the sound of the heartbeat and the waves, but he quickly fell into a sleep. 

RE: 12 Days of Christmas Day 4 - Girlygirl - 01-07-2021

It is really starting to take over his life and is almost becoming a self fulfilling prophecy now. The consequence of listening to these tapes seems to be not only that he gains more feminine interests and habits but also that he wants to listen to the tapes more - which of course only increases the rate at which femininity takes him over.  Big Grin