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Rediscovered CURTUS - Fairy Larry - 01-06-2021

[attachment=3812]I have discovered more CURTUS art in my archives. I imagine myself being this embarrassed young man. Can I appear any more sissyish? Even my nappies and plastic pants are left exposed!

[attachment=3813][attachment=3813]Oh, no! The mean girls have overpowered me. They've dressed me up, and threatened to take me outside. I can't stop blubbering. "Please, no! Don't show me off this way!" But it does no good. They push and pull me out to the sidewalk, and run to hide where they can watch my reaction unobserved.

[attachment=3815]Here's a mean girl all grown up relating one of your favorite memories. Teasing me for being such a sissy!

The picture directly above is meant to accompany the picture that came out in double. I'm still learning.

Once again, I try. The picture directly below is meant to accompany the double image.

RE: Rediscovered CURTUS - Girlygirl - 01-06-2021

Some very sissified pictures there which whilst embarrassing to those unfamiliar with such treatments and states of dress will undoubtedly be very much to their benefit as well. I note the females overseeing such proceedings have a very strong influence here and although they might seem ‘mean’ as was mentioned at one stage, have of course most likely been adorned in feminine frocks of their own many times previously and are probably just pleased to introduce their male counterparts to the same joys.  Wink

RE: Rediscovered CURTUS - afp - 01-06-2021

Oh wow, Fairy Larry, that is a fun scenario and great pictures plus I concur with Girlgirl’s reply.

RE: Rediscovered CURTUS - Ali - 01-08-2021

What delightful pictures!

There’s nothing quite like the shame and embarrassment of girls seeing a boy’s frilly knickers.

RE: Rediscovered CURTUS - BABYLOCK - 01-09-2021

With the hem line just breaking at the waist - it is unavoidable that the knickers diapers and frilly covers will be fully visible !
And then all that leg exposed to the mary janes and frilly anklets - absolutely no way to cover up and hide - it will be show and tell FULL ON !

All the better if the COLOR worn is ***BRIGHT*** neon ***PINK*** !
Add some jingle bells to the lacy frilly anklets and taps to the mary janes - sissy will not go quietly and unnoticed !