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The Doctors Assistant - SissyNicole117 - 01-01-2021

It all started at the hospital I had been working at for a few years now. I worked there as housekeeper and it was simple work but it did have its benefits. Which included staring at all the beautiful girls and there outfits. I’ve always been attracted to girls clothing and femininity for as long as I could remember. I didn’t know why but I enjoyed it. Working at the hospital is also how I got my specific attraction to the work casual outfit leggings and boots. That’s what the female doctors mostly wore to work at the hospital. I loved staring at them from afar. I couldn’t help it and they never seemed too notice. So who did it hurt? No one! Eventually I got into the habit of when they walked by me I was just stare down at there leggings and boots and just admired them for as long as I could before they walked away. They were always too busy too notice. One day I was mopping the front entrance too the hospital which was my assignment for the day. When a group of them came off the elevator. The one leading the group was  Dr. Quartz she was a young pretty Indian girl but was also very bossy and seemed strict. I didn’t know the other girls in the group but they were also very pretty and we’re dressed in leggings and boots. They were all listening to Dr. Quartz very intently. Of course I stared at them from my position and I was solely focusing on their legs, but I began to over hear their conversation. “What happened too my assist?” “Well Dr. Quartz she resigned yesterday she was complaining that you were too strict and that she couldn’t stand working for a women such as you’re self anymore.” Dr. Quartz scoffed at that. “Find me another assistant!” With that she walked away leaving the group of girls behind her. “I don’t know how we are going to find another one. That was her third assistant alone this month.” The girls walked close towards me so I decided that I had better get back too work. It was too risky to stare at them now. “I’m not sure but we better think of something.” I dipped my moo back into the bucket and placed it back on the floor which caused a bigger splash then what I hoped. The splash had reached the group of girls and hit one of them. “Hey! You got your bucket sludge on my boots!” The group of girls turned too me and I suddenly got very nervous!

RE: The Doctors Assistant - Girlygirl - 01-01-2021

A different environment for you, Nicole. A very promising start and I can already see some intriguing possibilities with Nick as Dr Quartz assistant   Big Grin

RE: The Doctors Assistant - SissyNicole117 - 01-01-2021

Yeah we will see what direction I choose to go in. I just can’t help but start new stories!

RE: The Doctors Assistant - SissyNicole117 - 01-04-2021

“Look what you did! You stained my new Burberry boots!” I looked down at her boots and indeed I did. The bucket sludge that she called it had left a stain on each boot. “Do you have nothing to say for yourself? These boots a very expensive!” I didn’t know what to say. That was the problem as the boots had caught my attention. My eyes were fixated on them and her leggings as well. It was a perfect match! “So that’s it then? You’re not going to say anything and you’re going to sit there and stare at the stain?” I’m sorry I finally said. I knew that wasn’t going to be good enough for her. “You’re sorry? That’s all? What time does your shift end?” It ends at 3:30 Dr. I said. “It’s Dr. Florence and I expect you to come to my suite which is room 308 and you will clean and polish my boots! Understand?” Yes Dr. Florence I understand. “Good and if for some reason you don’t show up I will file a complaint with your manager.” With that the group of them walked off and I was mystified by what just happened.

I new that I had too show up. I didn’t want my manager to find out about this. There would be too many questions. My stomach was nervous as I walked too room 308 which I found out when I got there was also Dr. Quartz office. This made me that much more nervous. I entered the office and all the doctors were there using there computers. Dr. Florence was front in center. “All your supplies are right next to me! Now get in your knees and clean the polish!” But Dr. Florence your wearing the boots still! “And? You will do it while I’m wearing them I don’t have time to take them off!”

RE: The Doctors Assistant - Girlygirl - 01-04-2021

I think add Florence needs to work on her bedside manner  Wink 

Seriously though, I can tell already that he is getting dragged further into a web that he has little to no hope of fighting his way out of. If it starts with polishing shoes, one can only guess where it might end.

RE: The Doctors Assistant - SissyNicole117 - 01-04-2021

I got down on my knees and began to clean Dr. Florences boots. It was all very highly erotic and my two inch penis was fully erect and hidden beneath my pants. Dr. Florence paid me know mind has I scrubbed and scrubbed trying to clean the stain off of her boots. I had really down a number on them. No wonder why she was upset I thought to myself. Never the less this position had let me get a perfect look at her outfit. It all went perfectly together. I began too take my time and I had lost track of time and I wasn’t even close to being done. “You had better hurry up! Don’t you go home in about twenty minutes or so?” I looked at the clock and she was right! It was almost time for me to go home. Dr. Florence I don’t think I’m going to finish in time. “Then you will go click out and come back and finish up on your own time.” But Dr. Florence! “Don’t but me! This is your fault while you are in this position. You will stay here as long as it takes, and look you just waisted another five minutes talking to me about this.” I began to work faster and faster as I eventually had gotten rid of the stain. “It’s time for you too clock out! Hurry up and come back! I want too see my reflection in the boots!”

I raced too punch out then ran back too suite 308. “Good your back! I’m sure you know that there was going to be consequences on whether or not you came back.” Yes of course Dr. Florence! I got back on me knees and began too polish her boots. This shouldn’t be too long I thought to myself and I was right! The boots were shining with gleam but before I was done Dr. Quartz had entered the office. “What’s this spectacle?” “This young man here got a nasty stain on my boots and I ordered him too clean and polish them! He’s almost done!” “Oh wonderful! He’s doing a great job!” Dr. Quartz then looked down at her own boots. “You know mine could use a good cleaning and polish as well!” “Ha well he’s supposed to be leaving after this but he can do yours as well!” But Dr. Florence I need to go home! “No! First you will clean and polish Dr. Quartz boots as well. Unless you want me to call your manager tomorrow?”

RE: The Doctors Assistant - Girlygirl - 01-05-2021

He certainly knows who his superiors are. Now that they know how easily controlled Nick is, I am sure that boot cleaning will be but the very first job on his list. I can’t wait to see what else they have him doing (and no doubt how they have him dressing to do it) in due course.  Wink

RE: The Doctors Assistant - SissyNicole117 - 01-05-2021

No don’t call my manager! “Okay I won’t as long as you do as I say! Go back too Dr. Quartz office and clean and polish her boots!” Yes Dr. Florence I said with fear as I couldn’t let my managers know of what went on today. I walked too the back of the suite where Dr. Quartz had her own private office. She sat down in the chair and faced me. “You know what to do. You have you’re supplies! Get down on your knees just like you did for Dr. Florence!” I got on my knees and began to scrub her boots clean. “That’s it! Get too work make them shiny for Dr. Quartz!” Thankfully I was able too hide my excitement as her words added too it all. “You’re doing such a great job, and doing it all for free too. Although I’m assuming thy you’re off the clock?” Yes I’m off the clock Dr. Quartz. “Oh wow your such a dedicated boot polisher!” The rest of the cleaning and shining went through without much more being said. “Wow look at that! I can see my face! Such a great job! Now hurry along home!” I got off my knees and began too walk to the door. “I’m sure we will be seeing each other again.”

Dr. Quartz words echoed in my head for the rest of night. Will she be seeing me again? I wasn’t sure, but she could be right. That night I had though about the events that had transpired through day. From the bucket sludge incident too my boot shining. Before too long I laid in bed and started to stroke my tiny penis! It felt so great! I began too develop a fantasy in my head. One that began with me polishing all of the doctors boots in the office. It ended with me wearing boots as well. Needless too say that it was a very powerful orgasm that put me right too sleep.

RE: The Doctors Assistant - afp - 01-05-2021

Certainly one of many nice ways to get right to sleep.

RE: The Doctors Assistant - Girlygirl - 01-05-2021

I’m sure Dr Florence and Dr Quartz will know how to wake him right back up again tomorrow.  Big Grin