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The Friend - Michaela - 12-28-2020

Becky's best friend in high school was Lindsey. Becky liked hanging out with Lindsey. He wasn't pushy or bossy like the other boys and wasn't competitive like the other girls. In fact, he was a bit timid. Especially with her. She liked that. She liked getting her way and she always got her way with Lindsey. He was like her little puppet, doing whatever she said. 

Was it any surprise that when she wanted to put makeup on him, he just blushed and then meekly said ok?  But what happens when an assertive Becky sees how pretty Lindsey looks with makeup? Does she stop there? Not when she can create her very own sweet sissy!

RE: The Friend - Girlygirl - 12-28-2020

Sounds like Lindsey and Becky could both be in for some fun. For Lindsey in particular this is a big opportunity and when his friends learn of his situation, possibly one he may need to make use of.

RE: The Friend - afp - 12-28-2020

Awww, they have a beautiful relationship, great fun for Becky and a thrill for Lindsey following.

RE: The Friend - GinaV - 12-29-2020

A world of possibilities awaits! Thanks for another great cover and set-up for TG fiction.