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Drunk at the party - Ali - 11-17-2020

You knew you shouldn't have got so drunk at the party. You not only fell asleep on the settee, but you wet yourself during the night.

When the girls came downstairs they found you there, with a big wet patch on the front of your jeans.

Fortunately they had just the thing for a boy who wets himself...

RE: Drunk at the party - afp - 11-17-2020

Fun but humiliating for him, oh my gosh, all those lovely soft hands, surely comfortable Smile
His jeans won’t fit him now and that shirt T-shirt won’t hide much. I’m sure the girls will have more planned for him. Nice!

RE: Drunk at the party - Girlygirl - 11-17-2020

A very appropriate solution, Ali. In fact, if I am ever out for a drinking session, I am always sure to wear a nappy for bed. Not only does it help guard against accidents such as this but it means I can afford to get a better night’s sleep (as I don’t have to get up).

RE: Drunk at the party - afp - 11-17-2020

Girlygirl, I think you mentioned your nighttime nappy after a heavy drinking session before and again it’s something I’d like to try for myself for the same reasons. Pity the depicted didn’t think of that Wink for his own sake.