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Playing with dolls - Susan Mary - 10-31-2020

When Mummy dresses me as a little girl I am expected to act as one. This includes playing with my large collection of dolls and I also have two very pretty dolls prams. I adore dressing them in different outfits and then taking them for rides in one of the prams in the garden or the house. I really love my dollies and talk to them in bed where I always have at least one to cuddle. They are my best friends and I always keep them dressed in the prettiest of clothes.

Sometimes a much younger girl babysitter has made me recite nursery rhymes to her friends in my little girl lisping voice while holding one of my larger dolls. Having a doll to hold makes me feel more secure especially when I am being teased for being a sissy little girl.

How do other little girls feel abut their dollies?

Susan Mary

RE: Playing with dolls - Girlygirl - 10-31-2020

I’m glad that you enjoy playing with your dollies which must make being expected to play with them so much easier. My only experience with such toys came with nappy punishment during which I had to wear prissy dresses and partake in any number of girly games of which dollies formed only part. 

At the time I was in a male life and was worried about what my male friends would think so I wasn’t really minded to appreciate them in the way I probably should have.

RE: Playing with dolls - Annabella Alice - 11-11-2020

I simply adore playing with my dolls of which I have 21. I also have six teddy bears but dollies are my favourite. I also have two dolls prams and a rocking horse so I can take them for rides.

I also like being a doll (see my separate post) so others can play with me as they wish. It can be especially humiliating if I am made to cry real tears but them I suppose most sissies cry very easily particularly when Mummy or babysitter slaps their bottoms or legs or washes out their mouths with soap for using horrid words.