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Puking and lactating . - Bill - 10-27-2020

For some reason my normal pain meds are currently unavailable where i am and the doc has put me on morphine for the pain . Morphine was making me terribly sick and the doc has given me an anti sickness tablet called Motillium . For ladies one of the side effect of Motillium is lactation and is used by many mommies to induce lactation so that they can breastfeed their big babies .

RE: Puking and lactating . - afp - 10-27-2020

Sorry to hear your meds supply issue and the alternative making you sick. But maybe I’m right in thinking the lactation side effect is a positive as you’ll experience something usually only Mommies get.

RE: Puking and lactating . - Girlygirl - 10-27-2020

How are you finding them; have you noticed any side effects?

RE: Puking and lactating . - Bill - 10-27-2020

They don't seem to work very well for me . Still being sick . Don't have breasts to lactate lol .

RE: Puking and lactating . - bAByBunnykins - 11-13-2020

(10-27-2020, 07:27 PM)Bill Wrote: They don't seem to work very well for me . Still being sick . Don't have breasts to lactate lol .

I have heard that men can actually lactate too. Not sure if it is true or not though. I have had a mummy use the drug for getting milk. She didn't have much success as she was becoming sick from it.

RE: Puking and lactating . - sissyblueballs - 02-08-2021

Just a quick note of compassion and understanding here.

I am in a Pain Management program. I was initially prescribed morphine as well, and just as you, it made me ill. It felt like a lead ball in my gut, and actually made things worse. I was prescribed another med and am doing well on it.
Sending good thoughts your way. Smile