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A Different Attitude From the Lady of the House - sissysoft - 10-22-2020

I've written here previously that I don't wear a chastity device though I'm not permitted to orgasm without permission.  Any masturbation is at R's discretion but it's very rare to non-existent.  No complaints from me - it is what it is.  R loves sex and my tongue has been trained to perfection to meet her needs.  And she loves having her little cock, as she calls it, inside her at times.  (Yes, it's not a big cock - around five and half inches, tops.  When flaccid it's pretty small - maybe 1.5-2").  In those moments I'm almost always permitted to cum. But a change seems to be on the wind.  

A month ago while having a few days away on holidays, she asked me, completely out of the blue, what I would do if she denied me an orgasm while we were coupled up?  I looked at her smiling eyes and mischievious grin.  'Oh, we may be going in a new direction' I thought to myself.  I told her I'd have to accept it, if that's what she wanted.  And then grimaced.  She laughed, commenting how much fun it might be to have me stop right on cue, without release.  

In the ensuing weeks, nothing more has been said about denying me an orgasm - our coupling up, continuing as 'normal', with R revelling mostly in my tongue and sometimes with her little cock.   And then yesterday morning, in bed, she announced I could give Pearl - her petname for her gorgeous clitoris - some attention with my tongue but there wouldn't be anything else happening.  'No orgasm for little cock'.   The excuse - if she really needed one - being that the day before I'd had a colonoscopy and was a little sore in the general area.  'Don't want any untoward thrusting and writhing,' R said with a laugh, 'it might damage you'.  I returned her smile, full of admiration for her head-fuck.

Later yesterday, after a warm kiss and embrace following her weekly pluck and trim of my eyebrows, she commented, 'How's little cock doing?'  'Where is this going?' me thinks.  'Oh, fine, you know, no expectations...'  She smiled.  'I'll have to keep you chaste a bit longer - don't want to upset all the work the good doctor's done down there.'  Her smiled broadened.  'At least another few days rest, for you, I think.'  She laughed.  'Maybe even a month of no release would be good!'  Where did that come from!!!!  She laughed again.  

Something is stirring....

RE: A Different Attitude From the Lady of the House - Girlygirl - 10-22-2020

It sounds like things are being built up slowly; I suspect your days of never having been in a physical chastity device may well be coming to an end, though.

If things do go down that route, there has been no end of discussion on this forum regarding chastity so there is a ready made source of advice for you.  Wink

RE: A Different Attitude From the Lady of the House - Pineapple - 11-07-2020

Saw this quote on twitter

"Just because you haven't cum in a while doesn't mean that your keyholder has to let you cum."

RE: A Different Attitude From the Lady of the House - Girlygirl - 11-07-2020

A great quote, Pineapple - I can only imagine what the context behind it must have been.  Big Grin