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For me, - Robin77 - 10-03-2020

Stinging Nettle Switchings (w/itchy tiny white pimples) are among Worst Punishments.
 FLS Sissies are forbidden Self Abuse. Rightly so.
 Masturbation is pernicious. For many reasons.

 Many women allow husbands & sons to indulge in that noxious behavior.
 My Mother definitely Does Not.
 Sandra doesn't either.
 She sometimes catches me pleasure myself.

 Sandra says "Stirripp!".
 And gives me Stinging Nettle Switchings.

 I'm kept barefoot naked for a week.

RE: For me, - afp - 10-03-2020

Self pleasure for sissy is definitely a nono.

RE: For me, - Robin77 - 10-04-2020

(10-03-2020, 07:39 PM)afp Wrote: Self pleasure for sissy is definitely a nono.
 Should be strictly forbidden to ALL heterosexual males.
 Since the Web, free 24/7 porn of every kind is just a click away. Even in libraries.

 Boys & young men are becoming jaded roue's. Indifferent to/incapable of normal sexuality.
 Their female counterparts have lost their heretofore natural sexual power. 
 Casual Oral Sex (with attendant STDs), "friends w/benefits", and "hooking up" are lamentably common.

 Such corrupted males need to look like this again when defying Nature. I did.


RE: For me, - Girlygirl - 10-04-2020

I can buy into males looking more like this generally, Robin. Sexual gratification is a good excuse but I think the real reasons run far deeper.  Wink

RE: For me, - sissyjamieanne - 10-04-2020

Masturbation is a horrible habit for many reasons. Firstly, it is selfish behavior...a submissive male or sissy who is masturbating is self-indulging and not thinking of his/her servitude to Superiors. Secondly, males will often masturbate to photos of Female Superiors...Women are NOT sex objects to be masturbated to...They are Superiors to be honored and obeyed! Finally, masturbation results in a lessening of sexual tension and the accompanying feelings of submission that go with it...a chaste submissive is a well-behaved and attentive submissive.

RE: For me, - afp - 10-04-2020

Very well said Jamie

RE: For me, - Girlygirl - 10-04-2020

I am glad to say the days of masturbation are very much behind me. Whilst the equipment remains intact, the regime I follow to make myself convincing in female presentation long since extinguished any urges I was prone to in my youth.