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Yes, Please - rubberpinafore - 09-19-2020

[Image: 530e1ac80375af95203b43720cb9daf2.jpg]

This is one of my favourite pictures and guarantees me a happy ending.  Care to share some of yours?

[Image: 7580e8149178cc5ebd79d9193df03fcd.jpg]

Oh what the heel, here's another fave.

RE: Yes, Please - Girlygirl - 09-19-2020

It must make a change from being the one wearing the plastic yourself.  Wink

RE: Yes, Please - Bhuna71 - 09-19-2020

Here’s one of my favourites.

RE: Yes, Please - afp - 09-19-2020

rubberpinafore & Bhuna71, they are lovely pictures

RE: Yes, Please - Girlygirl - 09-19-2020

I think our friend Sissy Nicole might well appreciate the latter  Big Grin

RE: Yes, Please - rubberpinafore - 09-20-2020

No one else wants to share some pictures?

RE: Yes, Please - Bill - 09-20-2020

I'll share some . Not sure if anyone else will like my thing . Here goes though .

RE: Yes, Please - Girlygirl - 09-20-2020

Great photos Bill (and very feminine). I expect the aspect that led you to post the second photo may be somewhat different to the aspect I most appreciate (hankie vs dress)  Wink

RE: Yes, Please - Bill - 09-21-2020

If anyone is into it . I will post more .

RE: Yes, Please - Girlygirl - 09-21-2020

You’ve got a vote from me.  Wink