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On the Limit - rubberpinafore - 09-17-2020

For those that play and indulge their fetish with a partner, how do you ensure your tolerance is not pushed past your comfort zone?  Do you discuss things before hand and stick to that or maybe press on just a little further?  Do you have a safe word (how does that work with a gag)?  Are there postmortems where you can say that wasn't quite enough or it was too much?  How do you control things safely?

RE: On the Limit - Sissy Celeste - 09-17-2020

I am fortunate in that Mistress interprets my reactions very well as to when pain moves beyond the threshold of pleasure. But if not I just advise her politely that my limit has been exceeded. I can't recall it happening when gagged, although as Mistress likes to be thanked politely after every stroke, I am rarely gagged for punishment.

RE: On the Limit - Girlygirl - 09-17-2020

A sobering reminder that some fetishes do need to be played slowly and carefully, Yvette-Louise as some (such as gagging) can lead to unsavoury outcomes if not carried out in a safe manner.

RE: On the Limit - rubberpinafore - 09-18-2020

Great post YL and some really good advice. In addition to what has been said it may be worth considering an alternative to a safe word. It sounds quite obvious but it does work. Simply by holding something in your hand and letting it go/drop when you reach your limit- ideal when using gags.

It should also be stressed again that gagging is not really a newbies game although there are many types of gags that make an introduction more pleasant. A hollow ball gag with cut outs is good as it allows easy breathing, as does a ring gag. Both however induce drooling so provide a waterproof bib! More severe gags will have breathing/feeding tubes to allow a good flow of air and some extreme gags incorporate nasal breathing tubes too.

Anyone care to suggest their safe words?

RE: On the Limit - sissysoft - 09-18-2020

No safe word necessary. But we use the traffic light system if playing and need some feedback on pain levels.

RE: On the Limit - rubberpinafore - 09-19-2020

But surely everyone goes directly past green, right?