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Hubette - insearchofme - 10-10-2016

This is my first post on the new site. My Mistress/Wife is very particular on when and what I write. She was on the site and realized that we haven’t posted anything so She is having me remedy that.

I have been femmed for a very long time, after I retired, and am fully a hubette. She controls all aspect of my life from what I wear around the house and when I am outside. When I am working iside I wear a maid's dress, it is a working dress not one of those frilly fetish type dresses. I will attach a picture of one so you get the idea. I am in chastity so even the type and frequency of my orgasms are controlled. There was a time when She was working full time and I had a great deal of free time around the house. Now that She is retired I am at her total beck and call.

I wake before Her and I have and have coffee and breakfast ready when she awakes. I do all the chores around the house and outside. I am dressed in a traditional maid’s uniform. My work must pass muster and that is how my sexual needs are earned. If I perform up to Her standard then I earn sexual release.
She used to give me release manually, I then graduated to using a masturbation device, then She began pegging me. At this time She feels it is too much work on her part so I am receiving sexual release from another hubette. A couple we made friends with is in a similar lifestyle and my Mistress/Wife and the other Woman enjoy watching their hubettes gratify each other. We usuall meet once a week. We are encouraged to be very vocal and demonstrative in our love making, in other words put on a show for them.  If during the prior week our work is not up to par that hubette cannot gain gratification, only pleasure the other. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our life and I am sure my Mistress/Wife will have me respond to any responses you may have. 
Thank you Dana

RE: Hubette - Silymaid - 10-10-2016 great to hear about more of your adventures and lifestyle....very jealous!! Smile

RE: Hubette - RadicalFeminist - 10-11-2016

Great, thanks for sharing. How long have you known the other hubette? What did you think when you first met him?

RE: Hubette - Sissycindylynn - 10-11-2016

Please do share more. How did you get here? How else have you been trained? Who else knows about your lifestyle?

RE: Hubette - GinaV - 10-11-2016

This has all the elements of many fictional accounts, with the added value of being autobiographical. I'm sure we would all love hearing more.

RE: Hubette - micheleFFS - 10-11-2016


Such a beautiful story.

I imagine you two go through the week striving to perform your best to earn your releases. Week-long performance anxiety to keep you on the tips of your plimsolls. Do you provide your Siuperior with digital or oral relief on demand and after your weekly performances? Heart

Besides chastity and deprivation, are you subject to other discipline and punishments? Do you regularly wear make-up? Is your hair feminine or do you wear a wig? Shy

Envious and curious, I remain

RE: Hubette - insearchofme - 10-11-2016

Thank you for all your replies. I will write more when my Mistress/Wife allows me. She doesn't want me to spend all my time on the PC, I do have chores to attend to.


RE: Hubette - Ali - 10-12-2016

It's fascinating that you've met another couple with a similar lifestyle and that your wives make you masturbate each other. What did you think when you were first told this was to happen?

I remember my first encounters with both 'real men' and fellow sissies being thoroughly shameful. Although I'm quite happy to go out dressed, I still get all embarrassed in the presence of another sissy if I'm dressed as a sissy and women are present.