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Words you dread... - Ali - 10-08-2016

What are the words you most dread, or dreaded, to hear?

For me it was when my mother said "Go upstairs and take off your trousers and your underpants. You won't be needing them for the rest of the day".

RE: Words you dread... - Withdrawn01 - 10-08-2016

"Do you want me to curl your hair and call you Suzie."
"You keep acting like a little girl and I'll have to get you some dresses!"
"Boys don't play with dollies, are you a sissy?"

I could understand if these came from my dads mouth. But the were right out of moms! I hated her, and still do, she was the one person I counted on for love and nurturing and she ridiculed everything about who I was. She even told me when I'd finally come out. "I'm so sorry that I did this to you! I've I'd just been a better mother you'd be a regular boy like you were supposed to." She accepted that I am who I am and attempts to make up for it in her own way, but she's a narcissist. And as we know narcissists only do what benifits them. She goes so far as to tell people I'm trans just so she can get the attention!

Phew! Omg, I don't think I've ever written that rant before. It felt kinda good, thanks!

RE: Words you dread... - Ali - 10-08-2016

My thread was meant as a bit of light hearted fun, but good for you, Joanie, if it's helped you get something off your chest!

I'll add another one, which hopefully will encourage others to join in:

"Goodness me! That's SO tiny! No wonder your mother puts you into girls' panties!"

RE: Words you dread... - Withdrawn01 - 10-09-2016

I can't imagine if I were ever a mother, doing what my mom did, nor the mom who said that! I would have nurtured my son into his feminine, not ever demeaned him.

RE: Words you dread... - melodie - 10-09-2016

From when I first started wearing dresses at age 11 my mom never denigrated me for being like I was. At first she blamed herself for my disease and that I was grossly anemic. She knew I wasn't like other boys, I hated sports and rough housing, she knew I liked poetry and music and to read. Some mothers are blind to what it is around them and try to place in their children's lives with what they themselves grew up in. I loved my mom and still do today although she has passed from Cancer. My father is who I detested, even when I became crippled he never sought to reassure me that I'd be okay. He was the self-centered parent.

RE: Words you dread... - Ali - 10-10-2016

How about another one:

*During a nappy change by my babysitter*

"I'd have thought you'd have grown out of nappies and baby knickers by now. How old are you now, Ali? Seven? Eight?"

Me, turning bright red at the shame of being so exposed in front of this girl: "I'm ten."

RE: Words you dread... - Sissy Renee - 10-11-2016

For me it was, "Wait till your father gets home."  You can tell I was raised in the traditional male-dominant household.  Looking back I wonder, how different I would be today had my mother taken control?  I viewed women as weak.  I took my behavioral cues from men, and from the other boys who were raised the same as I.  The result an unhappy adult who locked any "feminine" traits deep inside where no one could find them.  Many years passed before I faced my faults and my guilt and finally, the realization that I am a sissy and that's a good thing to be.

This is why I support the efforts of those like Auntie Helga who seek a better world through female empowerment.  I long to go back in time to that boy and give his mother the tools she needed, the power she needed to make a better man of him.  Would I be a sissy today?  Or would I be a man gentled by loving feminine discipline who accepted his complete self?

I really don't know.

RE: Words you dread... - Ali - 10-13-2016

"Go and ask your little sister if you may borrow a pair of her panties to wear today. It doesn't matter which ones - they'll hardly be seen through these tights I've got for you. And if you're good I'll let you wear a little dress which will just about cover your bottom anyway."

RE: Words you dread... - Sissy Matthew - 10-16-2016

Maybe this should be on a different thread, but mine were scenes you dread. For example:

Waking up on wash day and finding a vest, underpants, jumper and tights draped over the back of your plimsolls neatly together underneath...

RE: Words you dread... - Ali - 10-19-2016

"Nanny doesn't want to have to smack your bottie, Ali. But if you're naughty you know I have to punish you. So come here and let me pull down your panties for your spanking."