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My Cross Dressing and Television in the 1960s - emilybloomers - 04-02-2020

My Cross Dressing and Television in the 1960s

In my reflection on how I came to enjoy dressing and behaving as a girl and now a woman I’ve concluded that much of the TV I viewed had a major influence on me. Shows where boys dressed as girls, happening at the same time I hit puberty set the stage for my joy and peace dressed as a female. There was also too a lack of any male sexual education and direction just when my hormones were kicking in.
My Influences                                                                    
The Little Rascals had probably the biggest influence. How I envied Alfalfa when he dressed as Darla’s cousin Emilia. I wanted to be on the stage with Spanky and the others boy when they dressed and the Flori Dori Girls, in those bloomers and corests, bustles, and Victorian dresses. Also the odd excitement I felt as their outer garments fell off and all the boys were there on stage in women’s clothing; their humiliation was strangely appealing to me. Then there was the episode where Spanky and Alfalfa while being chased ducked into a ballet school and dressed as ballerinas. Finally, there was the episode where Spanky’s mother has the hem of her dress hooked to a stage curtain while trying to get him off stage. People in the stage wings pulled up the curtain, taking her dress with it, leaving Spanky’s mom on a stage in a fullslip. I liked the fullslip, but I was also drawn to her humiliation.
Then there was the Wonderful World of Disney, and the night they aired Almost Angels, a movie about the Vienna Choir Boys. In the final part of the movie they are performing an operetta where many of the boys were cast as alpine girls. Oh how I wished I could have been one of those boys, joyfully dancing about the stage in their girl costumes and make up.
Lastly, there was a sitcom called Hey Landlord. In an episode entitle Oh How We Danced the main characters were at college, pledging a fraternity. As their final pledge challenge one of the two had to dress as a college woman and go to a college dance as the other guy’s date. During the scene at the dance they are made to dance with each other. I remember being so desirous of the guy who was dressed as the girl, and the strong attraction I felt to the passive role he played while dancing in his friend’s arms.

RE: My Cross Dressing and Television in the 1960s - GinaV - 04-02-2020

Indeed, how I savored every little snippet of "cross-dressing" in the media, cartoon Bugs as hair dresser to the Tazmanian Devil, calling him an "interesting monster." Milton "uncle milty" Berle was always good for some dressing up. Thanks for the memories.

RE: My Cross Dressing and Television in the 1960s - Kimmi - 04-03-2020

Hi Emily!

Welcome to the PDQ Forum. Thanks for such a wonderful first post.

I remember Almost Angels and how I felt seeing the boys as girls. That thrilled me!

Thinking about boy soprano singers reminded me of this story:

Nicole is now a soprano for good and so happy as a girl.

I look forward to your posting more very soon!