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Silky underwear - Saz - 03-24-2020

I have never understood a males refusal and reluctance to wear anything soft and silky around their most precious body parts, guys even refer to these things as 'the family jewels' but you wouldn't keep jewels in a cotton sack!

The message needs to spread that wearing satin and silky underwear isn't a crime it's fun   Wink

Come on Mum's and Wives get the message out there buy the males in your house proper more fitting underwear we deserve it, lol (although you may want to choose something a little less daring for when your lad has P.E.  Blush ).

[Image: PA1kPZol.jpg]

RE: Silky underwear - Algoriano1 - 03-24-2020

Good point Saz.

 I add that the real fun is in addition to wearing silky underwear, wearing skirts, to feel the fresh air directly in your silky panties.

RE: Silky underwear - Bobbie-Sue - 03-24-2020

Has anyone ordered underwear from Sisters Silk? If so, what is your review of your purchase?